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Time to take it to an all new level
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Usuário(a) desde: 13 Outubro 2017

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Gênero:   Mulher
Data de nascimento:   29 Dezembro 1959
(58 anos de idade)
Compatibilidade Astrológica
Mora em:   Columbia, Carolina do Sul, Estados Unidos
Disponível a mudar de local de residência:   Talvez/Sim
Altura:   5 pés 3 polegadas / 160-162 cm
Tipo físico:   BBW
Hábito de fumar:   Eu sou um não-fumante
Hábito de beber:   Bebo pouco/socialmente
Drogas:   Eu uso um pouco de drogas recreativas
Educação:   Ensino médio completo
Etnia:   Caucasiano
Orientação Sexual:   Bi-sexual
Fala:   Inglês
Cor de cabelo:   Castanho
Comprimento do cabelo :   Longo
Cor dos olhos :   Azuis
Óculos ou Lentes :   Óculos

Estilo de Vida
Eu penso sobre estilo de vida..... alternativo(ALT):   O tempo todo
O Papel que você desempenha:   Troca
Nível de Experiência:   Toda a vida adulta
Traje/Vestuário:   Casual
Orientação Social :   Não se aplica
Sexo seguro:   Sim
Comportamento:   Assertivo

Tamanho do Busto: 40/90 D
Tem filhos: Sim. Nós não moramos juntos.
Quer filhos : Não
Religião: Não se aplica


58 anos de idade Mulher dentro Columbia, Carolina do Sul, Estados Unidos Procurando por: Homens, Mulheres, Casais (homem & mulher), Casais (2 homens), Casais (duas mulheres), Grupos ou TS/TV/TG

Perfil de Fires_of_Crimson
Hi I'm Su. I've been into bdsm for over 30 years.

I know this is a very long shot but I gotta give it a try and hope for the best!

For a short time, I allowed myself to explore my submissive side and I have to say that I very much enjoyed it. My true nature is more of the dominate however. For the right man or woman, I feel that I can give what is asked of me.

First what I am NOT lookiing for... .

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A SUBMISSIVE. If you are a full switch and have years of experience...lets talk, but if you don't....I am not for you.

NO newbies. I'm sorry but my mailbox on Fet is full of younger guys wanting me to top them or train them. At this time I am being completely selfish and thinking about what I need...and another young sub does not fit into my needs at this time.

I'm not interested in anyone that is new to the scene at all and if you are under 45, please respect my request and do not contact me. I'm a newbie right now to what I seeking myself. I'm not here to be a guinea pig for an up-and-coming Dom. If you say you have experience, be prepared to give me references. I certainly will share mine with you if you want them.

What I am looking for:

I want to meet a man or woman (I don't care what your orientation is) that is very strong both in mind and body. I very strong willed and I know I can't submit to someone that isn't stronger than I am. I want more than just casual scenes. I want relationships..My greatest desire is to fine a LTR built upon trust, acceptance and yes, even love.

I need someone I can do an equal power exchange with and afterwards we still respect one another and allow one another to explore our individual kinks.

I am poly, this is important to know.

If I've piqued your curiosity,msg me.

Be warned that I will know if you have not read my entire profile. And if you haven't...you have wasted my time and yours.

Please be within 100 miles of me [if253 1]

Minha Pessoa Ideal:
Strong personality but not overbearing. A person can be strong without being an asshole and needing to control every aspect of a persons life.

Race does not matter.

Age does not matter as long as you are at least 45 yrs old. I've found that age does matter in some cases.

Financially stable. This does NOT mean I want a rich man/woman. It means that I don't want to worry each month if the electric bill can be paid or if we can put food on the table. I'm no gold digger.

Family oriented. If you can'T get along with my children (and they are pretty damn easy to get along with as long as they know I am happy), then we won't stand a chance. Family is important to me. You embrace my family and I will 100% embrace yours.

Someone to grow old with as we sit on the front porch in our rockers....but when we go inside...out comes the toys.

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