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Articles by bootlckboy39

Eyecandi   5/8/2017

A rave

Eyecandy is so handy We males love all the Brandi, Mandi's that make up eye candy

To all the females We pant on all the details

Eyecandy we love it Thank you all wome

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Little Ditty   4/24/2017

When it comes to female service Cunnilingus Only the true sub is not nervous Cunnilingus We do love when Dommes observe us in Cunnilingus

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The Tongue technique   4/17/2017

Lots of lesbians say that you should write out letter with you tongue when giving a woman oral sex. Using the Z really gets some while the O is rather tame. Don't forget the G letter. The S is for qui

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Man finds best fitness program till last   3/27/2017

Man finds out he needs to lose some weight quickly and sees ad on back of newspaper saying ultimate fitness program. He calls and asks for service.

Next day a fit blonde arrives and says "If

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Threesoom with One Man and two Women   3/24/2017

The man says to the two women "Let s have a threesome and i want to watch". Both smile and say yes. A few days later the bedroom is locked and he hears giggling, laughter then moaning. He looks down t

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Toys and boobs   3/23/2017

Two boys talking and one says to the other, "Why are boobs like toys?"

The other boy smiles and says "Because they are fun to play with but end up in your mouth".

Both smile. Thanks

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