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For groups who love to listen to or play any kind of music, recording artists, struggling musicians, and groupies.

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Le Salut Femelle176 64,215 
The REAL Metal and Rock Group78 6,674 
\m/ Tyrant's Metal Dungeon \m/18 130 
Gothic/Heavy Metal89 124 
Webcam Fun Room 253 40 
"The Classic Music Group"39 
Kinky Kutz,Clasic Rock Sexy Songs12 32 
Rock bands10 
Classic Rock
Eternal Dance Party
Techno Pop Group
BDSM related Songs11 
Sigur Rs is fucking hot!
Punk Ass Fuck
Depeche Mode
80s music fans
Top musical tracks
The Classic Rock & Movie Group
Futuristic Beats
Techno Lovers
The Witch's Music Room
The Rock Club
Sigur Rós
The Drum
Just a singer with a song
"The Beatlemania Group"

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Judas Priest's New AlbumThe REAL Metal and Rock Group16  3  6/15/2018
Change One Word of a Song Title to AssholeThe REAL Metal and Rock Group209  68  6/12/2018
Why no more great bands?The REAL Metal and Rock Group53  12  5/19/2018
If you could bring back one deceased musicianThe REAL Metal and Rock Group23  3  4/5/2018
Songs That Make You Say, "That's Fucking Metal"!The REAL Metal and Rock Group47  9  2/9/2018
Your Three Favorite Iron Maiden SongsThe REAL Metal and Rock Group37  8  1/5/2018
What is Your Favorite Judas Priest Song?The REAL Metal and Rock Group32  8  1/5/2018
Was Malcolm Young the Greatest Rhythm Guitarist Ever?The REAL Metal and Rock Group13  3  12/22/2017
Songs with EARTH or WORLD in the titleThe REAL Metal and Rock Group44  14  11/20/2017
Your Three Favorite Def Leppard SongsThe REAL Metal and Rock Group25  4  11/13/2017
What's Your Favorite Heavy Metal Album Ever?The REAL Metal and Rock Group65  12  11/8/2017
Big Five of Thrash Metal?The REAL Metal and Rock Group20  4  10/22/2017
Is Psychopathy Red "Reign Worthy"?The REAL Metal and Rock Group16  3  8/19/2017
Songs About a CrimeThe REAL Metal and Rock Group52  21  8/19/2017
Man Pees on Family at Metallica ConcertThe REAL Metal and Rock Group31  4  8/12/2017
Lyrics That You LoveThe REAL Metal and Rock Group35  6  8/11/2017
Over/Under SongsThe REAL Metal and Rock Group34  12  7/29/2017
hi peepsThe REAL Metal and Rock Group22  3  7/7/2017
Cowgirls From HellThe REAL Metal and Rock Group23  4  5/28/2017
Anyone listen to new metal/rock?Le Salut Femelle77  7  4/6/2017
Your Three Favorite Black Sabbath SongsThe REAL Metal and Rock Group22  5  3/4/2017
Your Three Favorite Motley Crue songsThe REAL Metal and Rock Group16  5  3/4/2017
Your Three Favorite Megadeth SongsThe REAL Metal and Rock Group15  5  3/4/2017
Room ChangesLe Salut Femelle93  1  1/28/2017
ChronosphereThe REAL Metal and Rock Group20  4  1/18/2017
Pissed Off SongsThe REAL Metal and Rock Group37  11  12/16/2016
New group memberLe Salut Femelle54  3  9/28/2016
Inflict - AmaranBDSM related Songs11  0  8/25/2016
Death Angel - Mistress Of PainBDSM related Songs14  0  8/25/2016
Venus in Furs - The Velvet UndergroundBDSM related Songs8  0  8/22/2016[View All]

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