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Use and Abuse of Women
These are the room rules, only Masters may ask for a modification in rules.

1. women have no rights whatsoever in this room. they are to refer to all men as Sir or Master as in this room they are inferior to all men. Women are allowed limits however and those limits will be respected or the offender will be banned.

2.domme women are subject to and torture in this room just as if they were slaves.

3. sub men are not allowed in this room at all.

4. any slave can be used by any Master in this room, slaves cannot say no to a scene. Owned slaves are the same as any other cunt and will be used. If an owned slave is in use and her Master enters he cannot take her out of scene or both will be banned.

5. slaves are to kneel, and beg entry, and strip upon command.

6. no Master may interrupt a scene or take a slave out of scene, this goes for Master who own slaves or not. If a scene is interrupted in this manner you will be banned.

7. This is a rough play room, there will be no window shopping, if a slave enters she is subject to use and torture. slaves are not allowed to say no to a Master unless they are already in scene.

8. Any couples will tell if it is him, her, or both when they enter. If it is her or both she will kneel and beg entry according to room rules.

Any violation of these rules will be subject to banning and I will be monitoring, this is a room for hard playing. I welcome comments and suggestions to make it better and hope all enjoy...

Topic(s): Humiliation
Associate Moderators: Sirboonjackson, ROUGHRAPE, Dan_Quixote_D_OR, holdudown


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2572  31  11/11/2016
Welcome everyone
1554  16  3/13/2016
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questionjeffs_lil_girl847  3  1/28/2009
a slave for all to use as they desire
80  1  12/29/2016
hello Sirs and Masters
81  2  12/4/2016
Hello all. Big UK slut for use
389  7  10/28/2016
hello sirs
57  0  10/26/2016
cocksucking mouth
157  2  7/31/2016
Black Cow
520  3  2/25/2016
158  2  2/25/2016
Look until I find her
65  0  6/8/2015
Masochist in NC SoughtPainMaster4U129  2  2/7/2015
Wanted no limit pain slut.socretes11268  4  10/31/2014
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
13  0  9/27/2014
hello room
274  1  8/14/2014
Extreme Masochist Sought in NCPainMaster4U91  0  4/20/2014
"Seeking Women In Southwestern Penna."
46  0  10/8/2013
"Seeking Women In Southwestern Penna."
11  0  10/8/2013
"Seeking Women In Southwestern Penna."
32  0  10/6/2013
Any cunts in Melbourne Australia
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New Cunt
413  3  3/23/2013
dumb slut looking for online play
314  0  12/28/2012
Strict Dom Seeking Serious Sub
41  0  11/12/2012
Master seeking new slave
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