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The Home of Three Moons!!!!
Welcome to the Hidden Valley of the Northern Forest!!!

The beauty of the Northern Forest and its secrets You will find this Home stone!!

WE welcome all Free, Masters n Mistresses, Torvy's, Outlaws, Pirates, panthergirls, bonds-maid's, kajira's, and non goreans as well to enter Our Home and respect its values and show respect as Our Home its based on this !! A place for those who R knowledgeable and for those who wander in n seek to learn, teach, enlighten any abt the gorean lifestyle its ways n customs...Stresses the fact that all in these walls will show tolerance and patience with respect to the Home, the members and those in chat! The intent to give all n any a free place and the freedom to enjoy chat without the drama we all despise!!!

To enter Our Home, means to learn and share our ways without being mocked, where NONE shall be ridiculed, or publicly scorned, nor do any have to FEAR reproach as any learn the ways of Gor...based on the old values of Gor and the beauty, sensuality, the allure Gor has become and is the heart and soul of Honor, Integrity, Respect, Trust!!!

To the non goreans...Dominants and submissives alike R more then welcomed to enter if any have an interest in learning or just to sit n chat but with respect of what the Home is abt the respect to all its members... This is based on a World where men Rule and command based on the books of John Norman!!!

To those of the wiccian n pagan realms...who also believe in structure, rituals n protocols, you R also most welcomed to see the many commonalities Our realms might mirror and reflect!!

Trust of all who enter these Walls protected by those its entrusted to, its the most sort after value of this Home...Trust together with respect will breed a bond of welcome!! A Home that can lead to self discovery n self awareness, where one's may learn abt acceptance of those darkest desires they hide from the outside world called society and R accepted by like-minded peoples who know of this, those with experience can offer guidance... This Home is abt its membership and its safe haven will be first n foremost!!!

Difference of opinions R welcome as much as the many different styles of teaching, without bullying or self projected Masters n slaves, Dominants n subs, Sadist n masochist, who claim their way is more holy then tho, more lifestyle then tho and more gorean then tho!!

its ok to agree to disagree but will not tolerate bickering or belligerent attitudes, this is to be a friendly atmosphere where misunderstands n misinterpretations R corrected in ways of Honor n Respect not with malice n hatred!!

basic protocols!

Simple but Complex...Respect the Home, its protocols and Those in it and You R welcomed!!

Trolling is NOT acceptable!!

Those of malice N malicious intent R not welcomed!!!

There is a ban in this room We would prefer not to Use This!!!

Since All Gorean Masters R trained under the same banner We find the following is a must!

Since HONOR is the founding principle of Those following Gorean ways, Everyone, Free and slave alike should act honorably, and with respect at All times.

Any Free upon entering, should show respect of the Free present with a greeting before greeting a slave, its a gorean Home!!

Slaves upon entering, should show respect of THIS HOME! All Free are addressed as either Jarl/Master or Mistress.

Serves n Dances!!

Since many serves R done in the Home thru out the day, we allow chat thru these serves, with respect also of the serve, this is to make the chat room more chat friendly, certainly in the books the Free enjoyed the talk and banter as well as the serve...

Dances we be observed more so...

If a slave in the Home is dancing, since NOT all slaves are trained the same on Gor, WE ask, that a slave must wait and show respect, before entry, for those who are trained to ask/beg entry or exit please wait before asking permission for the dance to be complete!! A slave will be allowed entry or exit after completion!!

Slaves on gor have no weapons so do not enter with Any!!

The Home is a peaceful sanctuary. There is to be no cams, no cybersex, raiding, killing, kidnapping, face-stripping, force-collaring, capturing of slaves!! The Home is to be drama Free...Where politics, bickering, cat fights, drama kings n queens, attention whores, Will not be welcomed...!! I give my Word on this and will to the best of alts ability!!!!

Masters, Mistresses and sisters more than willing to offer assistance, even mentorship.

May Your Stay be pleasant and as deeply rewarding as it has been for many who learn and have learned to embrace the Gorean Lifestyle in is purist form!

Words created and written by The Thunderous One!!.


Topic(s): Gorin Masters/Kajira
Associate Moderators: Thunder_One, Gemmie_PG, Gone__Poof

Restrictions: between 18 and 99 seeking man, woman or couple (man/woman) living within 10000 of Long Island, New York, United States

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