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I'm just an ordinary Princess living my fairytale in this extraordinary world of ours.

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Blind Date of Sorts
Posted:Apr 23, 2018 3:29 pm
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2018 4:47 am
It isn’t a rule per se but more like a fun game. All the men who I’ve met since venturing out from my marriage since early 2014 have met me without seeing any facial photos of me. The only exception was my once upon a time dom as he was having none of my rules or games. That was the whole point.

I don’t know why men agree to meeting without knowing how I really look. Apparently it increases anticipation but perhaps nervousness too. I tend to say that I’m hardly a miss universe, nor do I need to be, but unless you don’t like the look of my kind I’d like to think that you wouldn’t be utterly disappointed either. So far nobody has done a runner. I recently met another keeper.

Would you meet Princess or anybody else without having had seen their facial photo first?

It appears that I may not be meeting anybody blindly or otherwise for a while...

Princess Tinks
Rule #2 Meeting for the First Time
Posted:Apr 14, 2018 5:08 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2018 12:15 pm
You may have read about my rule about not engaging in any form of (cyber) play with anyone until I’ve met them in person as can be read here Rule 1 Shall We Play Online.

I have another rule, well it has two parts, when it comes to meeting for the first time. Firstly, I never have sex during a first date. I just don’t do it so such should never be expected. This eliminates feeling pressure or regret afterwards. I suppose I’m neither spontaneous enough nor desperate.

Secondly, the first date should be treated as one-off and no further dates should be discussed until after the date has taken place. In this way there is no need to make up one’s mind straight away or having to awkwardly ‘reject’ someone on the spot. Sometimes the connection is there naturally from the start and sometimes not. Other times there is some uncertainty. Personally I’ve learnt that if there are any reservations I don’t tend to want to proceed after I’ve had time to think about it. (The one-off rule is also extended to a first ‘play date’ so that once again there will be enough time to reflect afterwards whether both parties want to continue and play again. Aftercare is always provided regardless.)

These two points are linked and are there to ensure decisions are made with careful enough consideration. If there is chemistry then by all means it’s time to take things further. May the true fun begin. That’s what it’s all about.

Do you have any rules for your first date?

Princess Tinks
Saying Goodbyes
Posted:Apr 5, 2018 2:02 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2018 5:29 am
I for one am used to saying goodbyes having had lived in different countries and continents. One particular incident comes to mind. I had this most amazing friend, and I shall use his real name; Roberto, and the story of our friendship is remarkable in itself. He was the lover of my then boyfriend. It was the first time I encountered a non-jealous poly arrangement. In the end we both drifted away from our shared lover but our friendship grew stronger.

It was Roberto who took me to the airport and it was him who said the sweetest goodbyes ever. There were tears and utter desperation. I tried to comfort him by telling him not to be so negative that we shall meet again. The likelihood of me going back to such a faraway country were slim. I knew this. However if you think you will never see the other person when saying your farewells the thought of losing that special someone can feel too much to bear. If you say you’ll see each other again it doesn’t feel quite so desperate. Even if you never end up reuniting in months and years to come the pain diminishes and only the good memories prevail.

I still think of Roberto. It was well before the internet, not to mention social media, had become popular. He didn’t even have an email address at that time. We exchanged old fashioned letters for a while but then lost touch most probably due to moving to a new address.

In a similar fashion, is it a romantic notion or hinderance if your partner, ex-partner, says at the point of parting ways that they don’t believe you’re done but will continue one day?

Princess Tinks
You’re Nothing
Posted:Apr 1, 2018 4:36 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2018 8:24 am
Imagine yourself at Princess’ feet. All you can do is listen, absorb every word, every command, every whisper.

‘In here you’re nothing. You lose your social status, your charisma, everything you’re in your everyday life. In here you’re mine. You’re here to serve me and do as I please.’

Let it all sink in. You accept your place, willingly, eagerly. There lies freedom.

‘Yet you’re everything. In here you’re the focus of Princess’ attention, the centre of her world. Do you know how lucky you are that Princess chose you?’

Perhaps Princess is awakening... Perhaps it will be her who is lucky if you choose to give her the precious gift of your sweet, virginal submission...

Princess Tinks
Ghosting from a Woman’s Viewpoint
Posted:Mar 27, 2018 12:54 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2018 10:08 pm
I understand from speaking to men that of the most annoying phenomenons about online dating is ghosting. This is when a person you have been chatting with suddenly goes quiet and disappears. The worst example is not turning up on a date and not hearing from them ever again. However is ghosting ever acceptable?

I’m sure most women agree that it’s impossible to reply to all initial emails, particularly on vanilla sites. Surely it can’t be seen as ghosting at this stage? I’d say 80% of the initial emails I get go straight to a ‘no’ pile. I do state that to get a reply from me they need to understand what I’m after, which is pretty obvious from my profile, and that they need to write in a way that it’s clear they can meet my needs. Therefore I don’t think it’s unfair if they don’t hear from me when they clearly don’t fit the bill.

What about if you have replied to them once, or even twice, but then go quiet? I’d say the emails would have still been casual at this point. Is that ghosting? If yes, then I’m guilty. To be honest, I would have probably forgotten to reply but their email was perhaps not that memorable. I’d say 15% of the initial emails I receive go to this ‘maybe’ file and only few get through to the next round. If my discussions with men have gone any further, such as chatting on k i k, I wouldn’t just suddenly ignore them. It becomes pretty clear after a few more emails if there’s any potential and it should be easy to tell them if not. I’d say 5% of the emails I receive go straight to the ‘yes’ pile but to actually meet them... Well, in my case it’s pretty rare.

My advice is not to take ghosting personally. A woman, despite being genuine, might get cold feet although I do think it’s unkind not to let the other person know. There might be other reasons for their silence such as a change in personal circumstances. I’m sure I didn’t go back to every I had been chatting with after my relationship recently broke down. (I did deactivate my profile at that point though). There are, unfortunately, all the fakes and game players who aren’t looking to meet up at all despite claiming so. No sympathy for them.

Everyone is different but there are a few big ‘no-no’s for me when I might intentionally ghost someone. The main reasons are any stalkish behaviour and vulgar language, particularly if I have already asked them to tone it down and they haven’t.

I also wonder if some women are reluctant to ‘reject’ men as they might have received some interesting responses. One of the latest personal examples was when a man called me ‘unhinged’ and that I wasn’t his type anyway despite in the previous email being all over me, just not in the way that appeals to me (going back to the vulgar point).

Princess Tinks
Two Week Rule and Garden Leave
Posted:Mar 19, 2018 2:31 pm
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2018 3:24 pm
I don’t know where it came from but even in my youth I used to impose a two week no communication rule after a breakup. Don’t they say that it takes two weeks to break a habit or something?

Ending a relationship can be a cruel business so a two week no communication break can work well as it gives both parties some time to reflect on their own. It’s time to lean on others as let’s face it you need to learn to let go off that person and their continuous support. However you have an end date in sight when you can talk to that special (ex) someone so that it doesn’t feel quite so much like a death. If you’re lucky you can then speak about things more objectively and with a little less emotion, or perhaps desperation, and continue to move on towards that closure.

In my mid-twenties I had had back-to-back relationships for years so I decided to take a six month break from any dating. I loved it! I’m thinking about taking a similar garden leave now. I don’t feel broken so I don’t need to pick up the pieces as I feel like a whole person. If there is any void I rather fill it with ‘me’ness and come to my own in my own time as opposed to rushing into a rebound relationship of any sort.

The question is for how long?

So boys, hold your horses.

Princess Tinks
The Words that Doomed Us
Posted:Mar 15, 2018 5:51 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2018 2:15 am
‘You can’t always be just a Ma’am.’

I had been feeling wonderfully dominant.

‘Why not?’

I felt somewhat deflated. Again.

‘With me you need to navigate and negotiate. You can’t just take. You have to give too.’

These words were said months ago. We did try but what if I don’t want to negotiate (about this)? What if I like to be a Ma’am all the time? What if I AM dominant and can simply no longer DO submission? It was obviously a lot more complex than just a few words but you get the gist.

I will love him forever but sometimes a dodgy ene is needed to realise that enough is enough. So it is. Should I write a slut obituary?

Princess Tinks
Aroused without Touching
Posted:Mar 13, 2018 6:30 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 10:38 am
Spring is in the air in England. It’s amazing how much a bit of sun, fresh spring flowers and singing birds can boost one’s mood.

I’m thinking about another type of boost, a male arousal and a submissive man’s arousal to be exact. What does it say of a (submissive) man if they can be fully aroused even without being touched at all? It’s all in the mind then, right?

I fondly remember one of my scenes with my short-term lover. He was in the room as instructed so it was easy for me to notice that he was aroused from the word go, and most probably had been even prior to me entering the room, and remained so throughout the not-so-short scene. Even when I caned him, and yes, I mean down there. I have to say I was impressed. What does this say about his mind?

What about those men who are totally soft during a submissive act and require a touch to have a boost? How many of these men enjoy being humiliated about their evident limpness? This is something I’ve never done as humiliation isn’t high on my agenda but I’m sure I could be persuaded. It’s nice to explore... Everyone is different, of course, so there is no right or wrong but I do wonder how many men and women can get and stay aroused without any touch?

Perhaps one day I’ll investigate more

Princess Tinks
Treat Others Like...
Posted:Mar 8, 2018 2:49 pm
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2018 11:04 am
The 'treat others like you would like to be treated' sentiment doesn't really work in D/s particularly if taken literally. I mean there needs to be mutual trust, respect, honesty etc but unless you're interchangeable switches you're hardly going to be reciprocating all physical acts on each other.

Talking about switches, what if you have experiences both as a dominant and submissive? I find that my experiences and desires as a submissive were quite different to what I'm happy to do as a dominant. Those who have been reading my blog may remember that humiliation and degradation did nothing for me as a sub. In fact, it was quite the opposite. How could a Princess be used and abused and be there only for someone else's pleasure? As a dominant however I don’t mind humiliating and there are certain aspects I really enjoy.

There is an even more tangible example. I could have never imagined wearing a hood myself. I enjoy my femininity hence I much rather wear lace and corsets. Having said that I love seeing my sub, female or male, in a hood. As much as it can allow them to ‘hide’ behind a mask and therefore enable them to further let go a mask or hood can also help me to see them even more as an object or fucktoy which I enjoy tremendously. As a sub however I wouldn’t have enjoyed being objectified.

I'm sure we also do different things with different partners. Something which worked with someone may not be on our wish list with a new partner. That's the beauty of BDSM. There's loads of variation.

Is there anything you might find attractive with others but wouldn't consider doing it yourself?

Princess Tinks

P.S Perhaps unsurprisingly it was easier to find sexy photos of women in hoods. Would any happen to have any photos of hot men in hoods/ masks?
Out of the Ordinary
Posted:Mar 4, 2018 1:44 pm
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2018 6:00 pm
I’ve recently enjoyed talking to new people on this lovely vanilla affairs site I came across. The quality of profiles, and therefore men, seem to be the highest of any other dating sites I’ve encountered. Not many cock shots either. I’m no longer surprised at all how many submissive, or positively curious, alpha men there are basically everywhere.

When going through emails and profiles I’ve made some interesting observations. There are some, in my opinion slightly odd, things some men like to share with their potential partners. Something I’ve never really considered and wouldn’t use as part of my selection criteria.

There is the usual mention of their height, particularly if they are fairly short. Fair enough. They want to give the taller ladies a heads up (or down). Then there is the explanation about their hair. I guess it’s only fair to let the ladies know if they should expect to see a variation of salt and pepper mane (which I can find hugely sexy). Men can also be somewhat apologetic if their hairline isn’t quite where it used to be. I’m personally far more interested in their waistline than how much or little hair they may have. Regardless of how many push-ups you do you can’t make your hair grow back but as I’ve always been fit/slim I don’t think it’s unfair to ask my partner to be so too.

What I’ve found even more intriguing is when men mention that they have healthy teeth which are their own. I had never thought anyone not having their own teeth but I seriously doubt that if I was to meet the most gorgeous sexy man who would be perfect in every way that I would turn them down on the basis of their teeth. Or would I? In today’s day and age teeth can be fixed, right?

Is there anything interesting you’ve come across in profiles? Or is there anything you have in yours which could be seen as out of the ordinary?

Princess Tinks

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