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ralph696969 58M   
15444 posts
3/20/2017 8:54 am
the truth is just that

if you have a question

if it doesnt seem right

if your gut says no


when it's right there is no question

it IS right

your gut says go


working to make a relationship is lying

there is no work

relationships build because they should

if you feel you have to be someone else

then being you will never be right

it flows

the feelings, the time together

like bruce lee says

be like water

and that's what happens when it is right

you 'be' like water

and it flows

treat others as you wish to be treated this is why everyone around me gets cake!!!!!!

MissLadywood 44F  
4097 posts
3/20/2017 11:06 am

You quote Bruce Lee and sound like Yoda 'there is no work' !

Life So Short, The Craft So Long To Learn

sub_nouveau 48F  
6522 posts
3/20/2017 3:11 pm

You have me feeling very Zen right now. Even the massage music is flowing through my mind (who knew that was in there? Hmpf, go figure!).

Its an interesting thought that you pose though... Does everyone have reliable instincts? Are they are sixth sense or are they created from subconscious observations that accumulate over time? I'm a huge believer of listening to my own instincts but I do wonder if everyone's instincts work as well for them...

Let's talk. It's how we learn about yesterday and comprehend today.

drmgirl622 62F  
5832 posts
3/20/2017 3:29 pm

I know it's not Bruce Lee but........wax on, wax off

lastguymn 49M
7810 posts
3/20/2017 3:29 pm

There is no work...true...yet curiously the products of work are still bountiful. Labors of love move mountains without ever breaking a sweat.


"It's great to be here. It's great to be anywhere." -- Keith Richards

"There are many spokes on the wheel of life. First, we're here to explore new possibilities." -- Ray Charles

frankief_56 61M
7792 posts
3/20/2017 5:00 pm

Ex wife LOVED to work at the relationship. Kinda pissed her off when I took the more laissez faire attitude you write about. Still, her idea of "work" was for ME to be able to see HER vision of where we should be....

There's a reason for the, ex

If 60 years has taught me anything (and maybe it hasn't, does it really matter?) is that there's 2 kinds of people entering any given relationship. Those who see the world in shades of gray...lotta different ways to solve any issue. The there's the more black and white amongst us who see but ONE way to deal with anything. Funny thing, Bu, that one way is never your way! Ultimately, the two can't mesh. Kinda funny when two grays get together; they can't even figure out what movie to see, but they have fun doing it. I've been there..

More funny as we sit here in the land of black and white. I feel myself turning more gray by the year. Then again, this has always been about the sex for me. Never denied that, never tried to sell anyone a bill of goods. if you're gonna work at something might as well go for the 2 hour orgasm!

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