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Vampire Apocalypse Day 55, Horror Rock Day 1 - Wasted 2 Much Time, Curse, DJ Renfield 18 1 Feb 24 1:24 pm
Safety again 32 2 Feb 24 11:31 am
yay... 60 6 Feb 24 10:44 am
Get down on it. 214 13 Feb 24 9:41 am
Deep Thoughts With Vladvampirelord 485 2 Feb 24 8:21 am
My Blog
by  taximan6752   62M
you want her to listen you better pay attention 140 13 Feb 24 8:05 am
It's not shame, i just do not like public events 191 7 Feb 24 7:27 am
Rina Shimmies In Gold Pumps 130 3 Feb 24 4:55 am
Cats in Chats 59 6 Feb 24 4:47 am
My Blog
by  rosaenaluin   58F
The Siberian bear is on the loose... 97 11 Feb 24 2:26 am
*something true* 430 4 Feb 24 2:07 am
My Blog
by  taximan6752   62M
no matter the lifestyle 223 8 Feb 23 10:47 pm
Sin N Men
by  MicheleDeSade    28F
I am enjoying MR. BIG. Tastes like ass... 83 1 Feb 23 10:17 pm
All alone in the twilight I'm a shadow in the room Time is my companion But it turned its back too s 929 1 Feb 23 10:01 pm
Hey man, are you ready to go Down where you reach a higher low Mmm, you can breathe the sweet & sacr 927 1 Feb 23 9:54 pm
20 long years ridin' somebody's coattails watch the vermin go by thru a heavy coat of chain mail so 914 1 Feb 23 9:48 pm
Comfort me From a world where no one cares, Where the words turn into cages And memories cut like gl 464 1 Feb 23 9:40 pm
Gotta Love this Bride... 477 15 Feb 23 9:34 pm
Mr. Gone You feel a tap upon your shoulder Turn around there's no one there Is your mind just getti 421 1 Feb 23 9:32 pm
Hey, yeah yeah You don't know what you've got Till the love is almost gone This time, yeah she's giv 407 1 Feb 23 9:27 pm
Your secret is safe I'll keep it on the inside Cover you play Makin' up a white lie I can't complain 20 1 Feb 23 9:21 pm
What's it gonna be, baby? Shivers down my spine Swim on to your island Is your treasure mine? Send m 23 1 Feb 23 9:13 pm
All right, all right, all right She called up an old friend Talkin' bout black lebanese A dirty room 21 1 Feb 23 9:06 pm
There ought to be a law against it To lead a man on and then let him go What's the world comin' to W 20 1 Feb 23 9:00 pm
Shake the waist, you got to love that taste Smell the rain, what a shame to let her get away Tie me 22 1 Feb 23 8:53 pm
I swear by love, you've got it all And much more than one could ever hope for I would take a number 22 1 Feb 23 8:48 pm
You can knock me out I've been down for the 10 count before Better give it up Don't have to show me, 19 1 Feb 23 8:41 pm
When the honeymoon's over Where do we go from here? What do we do when we get there? Who's at the ot 18 1 Feb 23 8:35 pm
Blake 49 1 Feb 23 8:29 pm
I live my life, one after the other Can't seem to shake trouble, follows me where ever I go My mama 21 1 Feb 23 8:28 pm
Ain't like any other day Finally comes a time to decide I won't spend another day Stuck here in the 23 1 Feb 23 8:21 pm
You have me burnin' up With your bad timing One small moment I'm lost in your love I'm lost and inn 21 1 Feb 23 8:14 pm
I've been staring at this photograph It used to make me laugh - I believed That you would always liv 21 1 Feb 23 8:08 pm
Someone said life is for the taking here I am with my hand out waiting for a ride I've been living o 22 1 Feb 23 7:59 pm
Shine I never really feel quite right And I don't know why, all I know is something's wrong Every ti 23 1 Feb 23 7:53 pm
I was trapped in a bubble of ordinary And I'm dying for a little mystery Tearing away with the mask 22 1 Feb 23 7:45 pm
You know the shits gonna hit ya As you stare into hurricane eye I flirt with the flame to get a tast 24 1 Feb 23 7:36 pm
More 7 1 Feb 23 7:19 pm
Ten Year Altiversary 300 8 Feb 23 6:47 pm
It was a good run while it lasted 569 6 Feb 23 6:34 pm
by  MissLadywood   45F
Fabulous idea ? 282 14 Feb 23 6:02 pm
William Blake 6 1 Feb 23 4:11 pm
Words in my mouth Someone told me to say They go unspoken My mind gets in the way I hold my tongue 229 1 Feb 23 4:04 pm
Guess what, baby? The things we said Came true today 'Cause we listened to our hearts No one but yo 230 1 Feb 23 3:57 pm
It's shame That our paths should have crossed so young Who's to blame For the tears and the damage d 230 1 Feb 23 3:50 pm
Whoo, whoo, whoo Black top blazin', home town fadin' Out of sight in the rear view mirror Stevie Ra 236 1 Feb 23 3:42 pm
She just woke up, but she's still tired Is that the telephone ringing? The curtains can't hold back 234 1 Feb 23 3:36 pm