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now for something REALLY Boring
Posted:Apr 28, 2017 4:50 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 8:14 am

I thought I would follow up that last post with something really boring...see if we can't expand your own personal definition of boredom and expand your horizons..

Seriously now.. why do you read something if you don't like the subject matter or the author that creates it?

The obvious answer is to troll get your best trolling leggins on gang... it's time to get bored.

Trump..trump..trump....insert the latest snl skit....insert something about a wall....insert your own impression of trump saying "wrong".....insert shawn spicer quote about hitler etc

Sports...I can't believe the kc chiefs would trade all the way up to number ten in the draft to get a QB that never played a pro style offense...what the fuck was andy reed thinking?
And what good is getting a QB for the future when your team is withing striking distance of the superbowl now. By the time that dude is ready, your window is closed..

Race: why are there no black people on the moon? ain't that a bitch!
Where is jessie jackson on this one?

The airlines: that doctor just got PAID...the lawyer settled with united airlines...I'm really hoping the doctor got 75 million out of it. I can only imagine what samuel jackson would get for all those god damn snakes on that mother fucking plane

The environment: global warming? freezing my nuts off with 36 degree weather on april do the math Bill Nie the science guy can just suck my dick.. no really he needs to shut his mouth and start sucking

Movies: star wars... never even bothered to watch the current one....I figured without george lucus'' thumbprint they all would crash and burn .. I mean where is your jar jar binks people...can't have a movie without some annoying cute character for the kids

Wow I really felt the rage swell up with that need for your scholar to learn about wwII.. call of duty is coming out bitches

and for those really bored....we can discuss what is currently on netflix
Am I boring? Rebel Luey thinks so...your thoughts
Posted:Apr 28, 2017 4:17 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 5:32 pm

I thought I would address the elephant in the room. In yesterday's blog I got a reply from one of our most talented bloggers...

Instead of writing a well thought out reply, she felt the need to personally attack me.

She said

"Boredom that is why I read your blogs and then I realise what boredom truly is"

I asked why the personal attack on me when I have never wrote or responded to her blog..
I have no beef with her..

I got no reply

I also asked her if she was an employee of alt....seeing the only thing my posting talked about was the censorship of my blog on alt.. I figured perhaps I pissed her boss off

I got no reply...

Have you ever wondered if some of the bloggers are alt employees? Just curious if that thought ever crossed your mind?

So I thought I would bring this to the peanut gallery...Am I boring ( or boring to the point where I redefine boredom) or was she trolling for an argument?

and if so.. is she really that bored that she reads boring blogs on purpose just to get into arguments? ( if so I want that job/life....fuck I'd love to have all that free time)

Like I said I don't know her from adam and I thought the reply strange

Yet it is equally strange coming from one of the top bloggers...I'd expect this sorta reply from a fly by guy with no profile and a dick pick
Alt has a stick up its butt
Posted:Apr 27, 2017 7:57 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 3:55 am

For two days in a row alt has cock blocked my postings. I could understand if I actually mentioned those off topic topics. But to ban my post because I referred to the 18-27 something as snowflakes ( obviously a violation of the no -ate speech rule is just plain stupid
It seems like alt has a new sheriff in town and they are gunning for this outlaw
425 for "fake mud jeans"
Posted:Apr 27, 2017 4:21 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2017 7:37 am

wow now I heard it all.....
it is was bad enough when men tried to be meterosexuals ..
then we swung back the other way and became lumber sexuals ( wtf was that anyway.. a buzz cut and beard combo? didn't make you "collin mcgregor".. if anything it made you look like duck dynasties' younger fatter cousins that didn't bathe in two years.

Now the younger generation of men are trying to look like "pluggers".....( by pluggers I mean men who actually work with their hands for a living/turn wrenches or work the damn land)

So instead of actually being men and learning the age old craft of ..well fuck being a man..

These snowflakes just want to look like us.???..

Well fuck me.. give me 300 dollars and I'll let you climb under my car and I'll teach you how to do shit ( that your daddy apparently didn't) like change the oil or a car's tire..we'll get them new fancy jeans all dirty ( with real fucking dirt).

425 dollars for fake mud stained jeans!!!!
.....hell I can get the same look with a 20 dollar pair of levi jeans from wallyworld and a few hours of labor around the house.

and people wonder why we goof on the younger generation???
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"Stealthing" .. this has to be the dumbest thing in the news
Posted:Apr 26, 2017 5:10 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2017 3:56 am

Okay before yesterday 99.99999 percent of people have never heard of this practice..

Until yesterday...all the news media were reporting on this "epidemic" of stealthing or a man removing a condom during sex to heighten his pleasure without telling his partner,

The articles called this practice "
( well alt is quite childish and won't let me use the "R" word in a blog.)
."R word adjacent" the practice was like trying to sell beach front property.

Now I get the notion that yeah there are a few douche canoes that might actually do something so dumb.

BUT as a man I am offended by this article, it reinforces the whole notion that every guy "could" be/is doing this...ergo it is a throw back to the old feminist notion that every guy is a potential " r word" ist. The article even alluded to the notion that this practice is " the r word" or atleast sexual assault.

The ironic thing is the author of the article is female and has no first hand knowledge of what wearing a condom feels like.
Sure I don't deny her having an opinion on the topic.
But at the same time to go on about a practice that probably is more myth than reality was sorta ignorant. It reminds me of that scene in the "40 yr old virgin" where stevel correll's character describes a woman's breast as being like a sandbag
There really is much to do about wearing a condom.. it isn't a big deal. .

First off why would any man rip off a condom in the middle of sex? NOONE wants an unplanned pregnancy...NO MAN wants to pay for 18+ years of child support/college
NO man want to end up in jail for not paying his child support..
To do so would be just plain ignorant.

Second women assume that wearing a condom is like wearing a hefty trash bag on a guy's somehow it magically reduces sensation and a guy can't feel a damn thing.
Hello people this isn't 1886.. your not tying a rabbit pelt to your junk ...there are plenty of condoms on the market that are thin or ribbed for both your pleasure etc.

It really makes no sense for a guy to "stealth" unless he is being a complete immature asshole. I actually call bullshit on the article. It is agenda driven

And yeah I get the notion that a person does feel vulnerable during sex....I'm not making lite of the notion that this sorta man is lieing to you/putting women/other men at a great risk. But that sorta immature/emotional unstable person could also kill you too...
I'm trying to make the point that this isn't something the average guy does in the bedroom...this is more of a "boogie man" article.

It would be like saying every woman lies about being on the really is a trust issue. If they wrote an article about women forcing fatherhood on men, men would be weary of women and would double wrap their dicks during sex.

Yet why would a woman lie about it/why would she do it and honestly how often does this happen.

and ironically the author never addressed a simple solution to this so called problem.. the female condom.. funny how noone mentioned the female condom in the article..

Funny story at the vets..better break out the scoobie snacks
Posted:Apr 24, 2017 4:56 am
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2017 3:51 am

so I got Bobbi cat in my car
( er for those not following my blog .. bobbi is the shop cat that injured/cut her foot like a week ago and on sunday I decided to take her to the vet)

and she is literally freaking the fuck out...

Now I'm used to dogs freaking out in a car... but this injured cat has never been in one..she is meowing constantly/she's breathing heavily/has a fast heart beat etc.

So I have her in my car, BUT have to get out to secure the gate at work..

..despite a bad infected paw this cat leaped out my door and put usane bolt to shame son.
She was GONNNNNNNNNNNEEE ( hits the noz ....too fast too furious bitchhhhhhhhh).

Bobbi decides to fuck me over royally by climbing under the dock....which is too small for my ass to crawl under to get her back out..

When I do finally get her back in the car ( 30 minutes later).. Bobbi jumps on the steelwheel and just pisses herself silly .
Soooo yeah... welcome to my sunday.... it is the only time your happy that your drive a crappy ford focus

I call up the vet and ask if they have some sorta carrier or box I could put the cat in.. I explain she is freaking the fuck out in my car and just wants to bolt. They said sure.

When I rolled up to the vets I noticed this nice family with like a 20 something year old son taking their dog in a blanket inside I unroll my window and explain my situation about the cat and they agree to get that crate to put the cat in.

I got Bobbi into the box without any hassle....but when I'm in the waiting room I hear the 30 something cool vet guy talking to the kid...
( in my next life I call dibs on being the cool 30 something vet

"er no a dog can't die from eating your weed bro... I am more worried about the amount of chocolate in those brownies..."

I was like holy shit did I just hear that.. a 20 yr old slacker...a dog and a plate full of pot a whole new meaning to "scoobie snack.....

Then the vet asked what brand of mix he used and the kid said ducan hines..
to which the vet thought there wasn't alot of real chocolate in that brand
( is there any real chocolate in any of those brownie mixes???.

Atleast it is great to know there are some cool vets out there.....I'm gonna assume the dog eating the brownies is becoming a more regular thing.

and yeah the vet even hooked me up a bit.. lowered his charges and gave me some free meds for bobbi
the 2 dog diet
Posted:Apr 24, 2017 3:58 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2017 4:00 am

I think I've come up with a new way of losing weight.. it's called the " two dog diet"...

you can eat whatever you want as long as it is in front of two dogs...

Hell you only end up eating half of the meal and giving them each a bite/some
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At the vet
Posted:Apr 23, 2017 10:08 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2017 3:54 am

So I sit here waiting at the vet in a small cramped room with Bobbi our shop cat. She injured her paw a week ago and no one manned up and took the cat to the vet
I also chicken shitted out and tried to doctor the cat myself. I'm unsure if the boss is even gonna repay me for the vet bill.
Well the doc took one look and said yeah it's infected and is gonna cut it open and drain it.
Their estimate is 325 dollars on the high end
Oh well time to call the boss and see if he is willing to pay for the company cat
united airlines ..oh yeah another video turns up now
Posted:Apr 23, 2017 7:07 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2017 7:08 am

you've all seen the video of the 69 yr old doctor getting dragged off the united airline's flight.

BUT have you seen the video before hand? the doctor was actually on the phone with united. He told their rep that he was a doctor/had patients/had to get home and he refused to leave.

The cops in the video actually told him that either he leaves the seat or he is taking him to jail. The doctor is quiet/controlled/not harming anyone...

The cop grabs the doctor ( remember he is 69 yr fucking old and probably weights 130lbs soaking wet perhaps. So yeah it would be akin to wrestling with grandpa.
This is when the doctor freaks out and starts screaming

There was no " oh he punched the cop" : " oh he slipped" bullshit.. the cop threw this guy into the aisle..face first into that armrest.
After seeing this video I believe his lawyers' claim of the doctor's injuries ( two knocked out teeth/broken nose/concussion/2 days in a hospital etc

Then you clearly see this cop drag a bleeding 69 yr old man down the aisle of that plane by his arms

if you thought the previous vids were bad... you don't wanna see this one...

It is taken by the passenger across the aisle and one row it is very clear to see the injuries this guy sustained.

I thank God for video cameras... it really is the only defense against agencies that believe they are above the is the only way to keep police and policing bodies like airlines in check...
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America airlines.. they like to fly ( and bully a mother with kids ) and oh does it show
Posted:Apr 23, 2017 6:49 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2017 12:38 pm

don't know if you've seen the "stroller" video yet.....but apparently this mother with two small infants boards an american airlines' flight with a stroller.

From her accent she sounds like she is of foreign descent ( french?) and perhaps doesn't understand all the rules of the airplane. So she tries to store the stroller in an over head compartment....

Then OMG this small white bald flight attendant reaches up and violently throws the stroller from the bin. He almost smacks the kids in the head with it..

The stroller is taken away...perhaps off the plane? and the mother cries to get her stroller back...
In the video the captain is now present...the mother is still crying..

A man from texas ( don't mess with texas by the way ) stands up and demands to know the name of the flight attendant that took that stroller. He sits down in his seat again .
But he springs up and starts to scream at the "lil ball of anger"/flight attendant..

The man from texas tells the flight attendant that if he ever does anything like that again ,he is gonna knock him out. The female flight attendant tells the man to just sit down. He screams the flight attendant almost hit the kids.

The ball of anger then goads the texan on and soon they are belly to belly... the flight attendant is daring the man to take a swing at him.

At this point I don't know why the captain didn't take control... It would have been so simple to just get the stroller back on the plane. It would have been simple to tell the flight attendant to move to first class etc and then the male passenger would have sit back down.
Yet he stands there clueless as this mother is crying..

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