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the push..I ask for all your help
Posted:Jun 24, 2017 6:36 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2017 6:57 pm

I've probably been on alt for 20 + yrs..yet never reached the top blogging spot

I'm number three right now and asking for a lil push...if for just a day..It would be a great honor
So please be kind and respond..

total sell out to push to be number 1
Posted:Jun 24, 2017 5:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2017 6:37 pm

I've decided to stop pulling punches and finally claim my rightful place as number 1 blogger on it is just a matter of how much dick do I gotta pussy do I have to lick? or how much ass do I really gotta tongue?.. cause I'm A coming IN NICE AND DEEP

OMG that arrogant mother fucker!!!! did he actually say that out loud???

Why not?..for years I toiled beneath the wonder figure of bloggers on
i've always been the number 6 or 7th person/blogger here..never reached number 1 in perhaps 5-10 yrs maybe I didn't have enough boobs

But I think it is time for the people on alt to rise up and put this red shirt in the number one slot for a change.

So what's it gotta be folks..I'm number three right now...
it's time for every MOTHER FUCKER to have his turn in the please respond in kind..make this DICK HEAD site turn on a dime .. say fuck you alt..unleash your fury.. hit reply multiple time and really " fuck it to the man!!!

if just for a day...think about that...wouldn't that blow their mind

This dumb assed blogger finally get his day...and honestly i've been on alt for like 19 yrs.. got 9000 pts+ all via blogging..

Shouldn't I have one day as number one?

Thank You
holy shit batman 9,000 points and counting
Posted:Jun 24, 2017 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2017 6:36 pm

wow it just occurred to me that I have 9,100 some points on this site..

can anyone beat that?
wentworth( if your a fan of OITNB)
Posted:Jun 24, 2017 7:54 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2017 3:52 pm

I'm normally not the type that lwatches a tv show just because everyone is now gaga over it...I don't do must see tv
I've never seen breaking bad/game of thrones/etc etc etc

and if I do get into a tv show it is usually on the back end on say netflixs after it's been on a while.
I hate to commit to a show with like 2 seasons..I get more enjoyment finding a great show and then seeing it has like 10 seasons .

SO I was just cruising on netflix and typed in the letter w for some reason and this show from australia popped up called "wentworth"..

Now some may say it is a rip off of orange is the new black...but then everyone in Australia will tell you to go fuck yourself .. it is the other way around...

But I love tight writing and interesting characters.
I'm a " china beach" sorta guy..By this I mean I will watch a tv show ( that normally a dude guy would never admit to watching...) just because I get a crush on one of it's stars.. I call it the " dana delaney" effect...and then end up watching the whole damn thing.

Sooo yeah...I watched like 7 episodes last night because of it.. I found myself really crushing on "frankie"...she looks alot like rashida jones from parks and recs..

I can see why people recommend "wentworth" if you like OITNB....they are very similar in nature...
Wentworth is a bit grittier and darker than orange...the women in this prison are accused of more sever crimes/it isn't supposed to be a minimum security wing like it is on orange...but it is hardly hbo's oz. ( no one is getting prison _aped with a broom handle)

Both feature lesbians that get away ALOT...both feature strong female cast/both feature strong female lead characters like Red...

and probably most important.. both give you this emotional back story on how these women came to be in prison...

and sure there is some eye candy ( of both sexes..especially on wentworth)..
BUT .there still is alot of juicy roles and storylines for say the 50 yr old female there is room for jane and joe average on this show..
it's not all just about ( insert an r cause alt won't let me use that word) _apey mc_apey weirdo prison guards with porno moustaches and hottie 20 something lesbians blonde prisoners in yoga/scrubs sorta pants

Plus on wentworth ..about 5 episodes in we get to see the hottie warden (or governor as she is called in the show) in a bdsm club...

So please watch an episode. I know you will shake your head initially and say "come on now"...really is this really the prison system in australia???
But then again you could say this same thing about "orange" is very " soap opera" like...sometimes you gotta shake your head as they gloss pass a few things..
But the writing is good and the characters are interesting...anyway it is an interesting comparison to orange
so yeah some assclown breaks into one of the cars
Posted:Jun 22, 2017 4:38 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2017 8:05 am

NOTHING freaks me out more than home invasion movies..
NOTHING freaks me out more than the though of someone coming into your home and stealing your stuff...

so you can imagine how I felt yesterday when my roommates 30 yr old disabled son texted me and say..dude someone broke into my car last night ( right outside my house/right outside my fucking window no less).

Some idiot thief thought that hey since he left his windows down a lil that it was okay to pop his door and search the car for anything he could grab... including some lame assed like 150 dollar radio...and even then the cluster fuck lacked the proper tools and training to actually steal the radio..

I mean it isn't like this douche canoe cased my house in some rich neighbor hood and saw like a porshe sitting in the drive way...we are talking about a piece of crap 2005 nissan altima...which apparently is the car that everyone and their mother now drives.

Who does this? who rolls up into a cul-de-sac and looks at an altima and there must be money or cell phones or something worth getting shot over in that car!!! I gotta get inside

We aren't talking about some huge boom box stereo with woofer or whatever from the 70s... we are talking about a generic 100-150 dollar best buy stereo tops..and even then the fucker has some feed back issues
We aren't rich folks...and that stereo is hardly top of the line.

so someone risked their lives for something that might have a resale value of what 20 dollars?? I mean what is the going rate for a used stereo ripped out by a non pro

I know that we have some international readers on alt..
in texas I could legally kill someone for such an act ..shoot them dead for daring to go on my property or enter my car..fuck my neighbor could come over and shoot them dead on my behalf..
it's called castle law...Don't mess with texas

and honestly if your dumb enough to enter someone's home or rob their deserve what the fuck you get.

Now I don't have a gun..
but if that assclown was dumb enough to break into my home he'd run head first into the most jealous cray cray crazy bitch of a german sheperd you'd ever want to meet. Lets just say sable good girl is "over protective"
( well that is putting it mildly..more likely insanely protective ).. think your most insanely jealous clingy ex girl friend and then triple it
Hell the dog even growls at me ..she seems to cling to my roommate and pines under my bed until he returns home from work. I wish I was kidding.. she acts like she is married to him
I seem to attract the crazy in pets

and the german shep's bite is on par ( pressurewise/jaw strength) with a pit bull..
.so yeah..
you can imagine like 70 lbs of insane jealous rage and teeth coming at your dumb ass if you decide to break in. ( and you thought your ex was bad)
and honestly I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that

So me being me.. I decided to go all Macgyver last night and I rigged up some trip lines and empty soda cans hoping this idiot would try for round two..
If he was gonna make a second attempt at the radio, he'd trip the lines and I'd hear and run down and confront the sob.

Fortunately for him..he apparently wised the fuck up..
3 parent kids
Posted:Jun 21, 2017 4:22 am
Last Updated:Jun 21, 2017 9:35 pm

I often wondered about slippery slopes in any argument....we tend to twist and turn traditional definitions of things to meet our modern needs..

Take for example the position of anyone including a woman can appear on that line on the baby's birth certificate..alot of times it is just left blank
so I wasn't surprised to learn that the courts in california upheld the notion of a child having 3 legal parents.
Hell It is no longer rare to gene splice and genetically produce a baby from 3 people's has been done multiple times around the world ( except in the US)

Nor am I surprise to see articles featured on yabooo about married couple having a "side piece.. they are still married yet openly date others..

So it makes me wonder if two is good then why not three? you'd think most couples in this world still struggle financially...wouldn't the income or support of another help alot...wouldn't that allow one person to actually stay home to raise the child?

Makes me wonder who decided two is ideal but three???
Didn't Hillary say " it takes a whole village to raise a child"...then why is it bad for a child to have more than two parents or two mom or two mom's and a dad..

and if we honestly are looking at three.. then why is marriage limited to two legally? I can legally marry another man , but omg go to jail for marrying two women at the same time???

and no I'm not looking to start my own cult or form a bunch of sister wives like cody...
I still think one of these days the women on that show are gonna wise up and end up spit roasting his ass oven an open fire some night..wouldn't it be ironic if cody turned out to be submissive and the women really ran the show.

But why is two people married ideal and not three...? and if the courts are giving legal custody to the third parent..then why can't it grant the legal rights to a third person in a marriage. How is this any different?
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hit the wall and the wall hit back
Posted:Jun 20, 2017 4:06 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2017 10:58 am

hi all,

In brighter news I outwitted the powers that be and got my lil red laptop to reconnect.. not sure if it was a virus or something else...

In the bad news column...I ran great on saturday..actually did 3 whole miles without stopping ( my best ever was like a mile and a half)
and then I guess hit a wall.

Woke up sunday with no energy what so ever and no matter how well I slept or how many energy drinks or mt dew I drank....NOTHING!!! I felt like sleeping beauty...
I drank a whole 2 liter bottle of mt dew and felt nothing...

the odd thing is even eating tons of junk food gave me no energy monday...I must have eaten 2 corn dogs/a mcdonalds breakfast/a whole quart container of ice cream

The worst of all of this is being at work..we are super slow right now ( how the hell I still have a jobs I don't know) and there is nothing to do but watch the clock go around..

I'd like to think perhaps it is an allergy related condition...but both flonaise and benedryl did nothing for me...and yes I know benedryl makes you sleepy.. I am talking about the medical effects of the medication on the body..for me different brands affect my body differently.
For example benedryl seems to target congestion in the forehead...where loradine is more of a general over all sensation for me....'

Right now it just feels like it is a throat/nose/sinus thing....could be a sinus cold?

The ironic thing is after running 3 miles nothing on me hurts except my lungs...nothing else was sore or achy....but even if a pack of wild zombies was chasing me..I doubt if I could run away. I'd be zombie chow by now. There is no pain in my lungs.. they just feel worn out.

so I sit here this morning guzzling down coffee with lil effect..sleepy despite sleeping 8pm to 530 am..

and I don't know why? Perhaps it is something in the air and I'll feel better after a big rain storm etc
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Rip lil laptop
Posted:Jun 18, 2017 6:27 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2017 6:28 am

Well it looks like my lil red laptop may finally be dead... or so messed up that even my tech pronned roommate said wtf? I have alsolutely no network connectivity . Yet everyone else does . I tried all my usual tricks like restores and power cleans. But it is still giving me the same crap. It could be a virus or perhaps this like 8 yr old lap top is toast. I'm gonna try a clean sweep and do a total restore from the factory.😡
So my blogs will be via my cellular and shorter than usual
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Android phone questions for the peanut gallery
Posted:Jun 16, 2017 4:13 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2017 6:23 am
3519 Views goes this one... I'm an odd guy in that I have 2 cell for work and one for personal stuff. The boss pays for the work phone/I'm on his plan etc and he never knew about my other one.( my personal i phone).
Why? cause I don't want to address work shit when I'm home.. I literally shut off the work phone at the end of the day.
Plus on my personal phone I use for things like going on alt and other gay sites etc.. I never do that on my work phone. Part of that was because the work phone was so old and crappy..and wasn't connected to the internet ( it was literally saved by the bell's zack morris brick phone). Now the work phone is literally obsolete...

and before I can come to him with a story of "hey..look I actually went out and bought a phone of my own so I can stop being "two phone guy"...he buys me a freaking galaxy j3emerrge phone....and wants me to use it! is this a cheap basic phone or a good one? Hell I have no clue

So I'm back to being two phone perhaps I can just give up on my personal old IPHONe 4
( it's paid for) and just cut it off my roommates' plan
and just go with this android phone..

SO my android question is can the boss track my phone in any sorta way...I'm a lil leery of using it to look at alt or various gay personal sites etc because my work place has no clue about my home life etc.
How about apps or anything or that sort? ( free) As you can tell I'm not a techie person and I'm even less of an android person. ( when I got an android ( about 3 yrs ago it literally butt dialed everyone I knew.. so I brought it back and turned it in for an iphone)

I'm the guy that literally sits at a teen moble for over an hour easily and gets pissed when he still isn't helped despite there being only 2 customers there..
and then when some 20 yr old hottie sales associate finally walks up to me and flashes her boobs and gloats over the advantages of the new Iphone 6 or 7 or whatever...
I am literally grump cat. ( not a happy camper)

I'm the worst non techie/don't give a fuck/just give me my phone and let me out of this hell house/no I don't want you to switch over my contacts customer she ever saw

Yes the sales associate literally got annoyed when I declined the Iphone 5 upgrade and took the iphone 4 for free on my roommates plan.

I'm that guy...I'm mister basic.. just want a phone for simple things like actually phoning someone/surfing the web and omg gps..

Even worse is this woman was "working it"...openly flirting/showing off her legs..she literally stretched out her legs in front of me ( she was wearing a skirt)

as I constantly declined every service ( phone service) she threw at me/including putting a free plastic cover on the screen.. her usual sales tactics weren't working ( duh I have a penis but that doesn't mean i'm interested)...
Hell it got so bad that she begged me to give her a good review on the customer survey.

Anyway sorry to be long winded...just curious if there is anyway my boss can see what sites I've been on etc...I'd be on his wifi/his network/his plan.
what is your go to movie?
Posted:Jun 15, 2017 5:22 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2017 6:29 am

Normally we play this game with a book.. say you were stranded and could only read one book etc.

well lets say for the next five years of your life you could only watch one movie on a continuous loop...what movie are you choosing and why?

This is a hard one for me...I think I'd want a comedy to take my mind off of my situation..yet I also don't want to go insane watching it multiple times..

But then again I might also want a " thinking man's movie"..something I'm gonna have to watch multiple times to really appreciate it.

Yet I also want a movie with memorial lines cause chances are i'm going to be repeating them watching the movie that many times..

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