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Bracketology or why is it that the least knowledgeable one wins
Posted:Mar 23, 2017 4:16 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2017 4:43 am

Hi all,

by now your all probably worn out with the basketball tournament. Part of that is because either your team has lost or your bracket is completely busted.
You find that despite your college basketball knowledge, some idiot that knows nothing about basketball ( more or less college basketball) is winning your office pool.

We men luv to blame women..we make fun of them because they chose a team based on the color of the jersey or the team's mascot etc. How dare they! yet they seem to be the ones that either win or get a damn near perfect bracket.

Well meet this year's work we all filled out brackets...I know nothing about basketball/haven't watched a college game in 20 yrs/
The boss comes wandering up to me and tell me he got 8 or 9 right in the last round..

I look at my and say " I got 12!".

Even worse is the one idiot at work is betting real money on these games.. I mean wtf...
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the iron fist
Posted:Mar 22, 2017 3:47 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2017 4:16 am

hey all,

I started to watch that new netflix tv series that the critics already panned...

LIKE OMG YET ANOTHER TV SERIES OF A WHITE PRIVILEGED MALE ....and he is appropriating someone's elses culture???? ( he's what???!!!!! doing KUNG FU!!!!
( which is ironic and racist to assume that just any asian man doing marital arts is okay..
Kung Fu differs from Karate the same way a Japanese man differs from a Chinese man.. two totally different styles and two totally separate cultures

So anyway I gave "the iron fist " a go last night and actually enjoyed is alot like "daredevil " in it's pacing... it isn't all about him beating people up or using his ninja esque powers. It really is a story about the human condition.

And once again there are no small roles....hell the evil people ( brother and sister team) have almost as many lines as the iron fist does....
There are no big named actors in this don't expect like george clooney or whatever to pop in and say " howdy"
But the costume designers and set locaters remind me of watching " arrow" just know they put alot of the budget trying to make the show look a certain way..

I was also really surprised by the performance of the actor playing the evil wow dude whips of his belt and scares the living fuck out of his subby like personal assistant....
That was very surreal and You don't see that sorta shit on tv

I also applaud the actors in this series...sure it's cool to get pretty people saying cool lines... but for unknown actors these people can sure go through a range of emotions.

I especially liked the evil sister...unlike the evil brother...she has sort of a "coming to jesus meeting" and comes full circle with her emotions regarding the identity of the iron fist. I actually got a feeling that she has some real life interaction with the actor playing the "fist".. it's like she really either likes him or hangs with him in the trailer off set.. there is some genuine emotions there.

and YEAH dudes there is this asian chick on there that is hottt...just saying

and yes she can do alot of crazy martial arts herself..she's pretty bad ass/great role model for girls.

I'm 3 episodes in and feel like this isn't an "arrow" clone...even though the premise is very similar.. rich guy gets stranded on ( insert noun)...comes back alive and now wants to take back his empire...
But one has to consider the source material..a 70s comic book...

And honestly the show is alot better than some 70s comic book.. it's worth a watch
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so am I chopped fucking liver?
Posted:Mar 21, 2017 7:45 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2017 4:55 am

I'm honestly starting to think this.. well fuck me..

I tried to do the hook up and the guy kept me on the hook for three weeks.. finally I said are you interested in me or just play.. there is no room for omg I'll have to see if I have the weekend available bullshit..i think I'm worth more than this crap

either shit or get off the pot..jesus fucking christ already..

sorry to vent..but fuck me!... it pisses me off
a few things I learned watching pirates of the carribbean last night
Posted:Mar 19, 2017 1:33 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2017 1:50 pm

HI all,

I watched that great trailer for the new pirates of the Caribbean yesterday...and decided to hop on netflix last night and see if they had any of the previous movies in it's line up.

The funny thing is I didn't even know there was a 3rd installment of the's like they just jumped to the 4th movie and no one informed me...those bastards.

Unfortunately netflix only have the original movie and not number 3 ( insert disappointed college aged snowflake face emoji here)....but I got my vodka on and say "wtf let's role and watched it. Yeah Netflix can be a cock sucker some times.. I mean number three has to be like what 2 yrs old as least

and after watching the curse of the black pearl I find myself asking 3 questions?..

1. never steal Aztec gold.? huh if those crazy sobs had that sorta hoodoo voodoo type of shit at their disposal then how did they lose to a bunch of drunken Spaniards??
And why is curse lifted now that all the aztec gold is returned/blood spilled ?
I mean how is it "returned" if it is sitting on some asshat island in the middle of the carribbean?
Shouldn't capt assclown have to return it back to say mexico? ( I mean to it's rightful owners)

2. if Capt Jack Sparrow is crazy/stupid/drunk ... then how smart can the commodore/ the governor/the red coats and yes even capt barbosia actually be ? I mean your basically letting a keith richards clone outsmart you?
3. capt jack said " never trust an honest person" least with a dishonest person your know what your are the pirates the real heroes of this movie???

and fuck me he is right.. watch the damn movie...the pirates are the only ones that actually keep their fucking word...they are just smart enough to put qualifiers on their agreements.
Every other character just flat out lies... they agree to take capt jack back to the governor island and then proceed to string him up for execution..
The woman agrees to marry the commodore for going after the peal and saving will turner and then backs out of the agreement.
Will turner agrees to fly under a pirate flag and obey the commands of Capt Jack..and then hits him up side the head with a board in the cave. ( hmm isn't that mutiny?)
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Posted:Mar 18, 2017 7:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2017 4:37 am

so yeah ...I thought I would talk about enemas today...

why? It's a unique sorta play that alot of people probably don't engage in...but enemas in general are pretty standard/no biggie to gay men/guys that bottom.both sexually and in the lifestyle.

So there isn't that sticker shock.. plus it's nice to know that a guy is squeaky clean back there.

I like enemas because of the sensation it causes.. it really is a huge power exchange when one can't stop the water from slowly entering one's body.. it just fills you up and you struggle to "be good" and just hold it in as long as you

Basically one wants to perform well and make the Dominant proud in this effort..

I bring the topic up because someone told me that there are alot of fun solutions one can use in an enema....and I wondered if you tried these or perhaps you have your own secret

and yes I think we'd all like to "buttchug" a shot or two to see if one can actually get drunk via an

But seriously he mentioned doing an enema with coffee...hmm wondering if it is just black or comes with 2 sugars..
he mentioned mineral oils
he mentioned some concoction that hospitals use to really unstick a patient that is constipated ( he used to be a nurse)

Also I got to play with a Domme that actually had medical enema bags and I found they are a huge difference from the hotwater bottle set up one finds at a drugstore..
I'm thinking the medical one lets in far less air and delivers more of a payload.

Just curious to hear your experiences with enemas...
Blowjobs...are they all that
Posted:Mar 17, 2017 4:25 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2017 4:59 am

I was curious as to what other guys thought on this issue..

and I think alot of ladies would like to know as well...are bjs all that ..? Does a guy really need one?

Now let me preface this by saying that SURE any stimulation of the penis is one rarely turns up an opportunity to have it sucked....
So some guys may be biased..

But pound for pound is it as good as guys make it out to be..could you just be content with a bj for the night? How about for a year ( say you were stranded on gillians island and maryanne wasn't giving up the good but was willing to suck you that is all you got from your partner..would you still be happy?

and what if your partner wasn't into bjs...would that really affect your relationship?

I honestly would say that I'm not a bj guy....I mean sure I like having it sucked, but for me it isn't the end all of sexual experiences...and trust me I had my fair share of people ( men.women/Dommes/sub hubs/transgendered etc sucking on it... it really isn't about your gender or technique...for me it is more about your enthusiasm.

So yeah you could be a total newbie right out of the shoot or you could be the world dick sucking champ... it really doesn't matter if your not enjoying it.

If my partner wasn't into bjs/giving head I'd still be cool with it....I wouldn't pull a tit for tat...some people just can't wrap their minds or lips around the concept of sucking a dick.. and I feel the guy should just be the "bigger guy" and say it's cool.

Hell it is even worse when your gay/bi dealing with other men...some tops/Doms/Daddies won't suck a dick because they think it is only a submissive thing.. But then again that is
cock that is a topic you don't see posted on here
Posted:Mar 16, 2017 5:06 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2017 5:43 pm

HI all,

just curious as to your thoughts on cock rings...( and YES I know that alot of you ..especially the women have never really given it any thought).
But MAYBE you

I was curious as to your opinion of a cock ring on a male ( boyfriend/hubby/your submissive or hell even a Master...I mean it is 2017 why not update his cock with a lil bling

Now you may even wonder what is a cock ring and why would a dude want to wear one...
Hell I thought the same thing....until I tried wearing one.( this is when I was trying to get into chastity play with that one woman. BUT it is the same still has to get a band or hoop over the balls in both instances

But I think it is sorta like wearing pantyhose ( and FYI I have no first hand knowledge of it's what I've been told..either you luv wearing them/ they fit you great or you HATE them with a passion...or you fall somewhere in between).

Well the same thing could be said of a cock ring.. if you fall without certain measurements you more than likely gonna enjoy them more. If not then it's gonna be too lose or too tight etc. And if you fall right on the money measurement size/ ring size like I'm apparently.. it can be alot of fun to wear

Well the same could be said of a cock first you think it is either gonna slide right off my cock and on to the floor. Like what the fuck holds it on.? Magic?

But in theory it is just like one of your wrist dangle hoop bracelets ladies..the ones where your thumb slides in and the hoop then can pass over your hand.. .but your thumb also prevents it from sliding off.
Well a cock rings isn't as loose as a dangle bracelet but it is the same concept

Now while shopping for a cock ring one is introduced to the concept of ring sizes...things the average guy has no clue about.. it usually goes 1.25.. 1.5 1.75 and 2.0
which is the diameter or the ring across from side to side..

Unfortunately the average guy immediately thinks that his junk is so big that he has to go with the 2 inch hoop...he wasted his money because the ring falls right off.
He says fuck it to cock rings and never ventures there again.
I actually suggest buying simple rings found at any hardware store or wallyworld and seeing if they fit before buying a real cock ring

BUT it is like buying a chastity device..every dude buys bigger ( thinking he is bigger or needs the room) and then ends up unhappy with the product.
In reality if he just measured correctly then he'd be happier with the overall product and experience of this sorta guy play.

Guys just have to come full circle with their actual measurement and find happiness in the results. Take me for example I've always thought I was "larger' than normal...
sure I wasn't sporting an 8 inch dick, but I at lease I wasn't slinging our a 4 or 5. ( which scientist label as "normal"...but most people would see a 4 or 5 inch dick as "tiny"
I always assumed I was a 6 or damn close to it..

The ( measuring) tape don't I actually came up short(er)...than expected. like 5 1/2
But hey when God give you lemons..time to break out the lemonade.

I found being shorter actually allows me to fit better into alot of fun male things. So it is sorta like the petite girl that easily slides into those panty hose. I was actually proud to have a smaller dick because I fit into things better.. I didn't need this huge cock cage that just stuck the way out in one's pants. My dick looks stupid in such a a hotdog going down a hallway)
I could fit into a snugger/less noticeable models. So being smaller actually was a huge advantage.
The problem alot of guys find is they are between sizes in standard devices/toys and have to go the expensive custom made route.

So okay ( getting back on so if a 2.0 inch diameter ring size is too big ( ring or cock cage slides right off) your telling me to try a 1.75 or yikes a 1.50 ring size... holy fuck leo how the hell can a dude get his junk into a ring that small.

Well one doesn't have to be houdini.. it is just like the dangle bracelet The hoop looks small but you simply push one ball at a time until it pops through ..then you simply tuck the penis under the ring ( yep a flaccid dick is like stretch armstrong and pull it through and your done..
Yes your penis and balls actually can fit through a ring that small!

Most guys probably take a 1.75 cock ring.. But I can fit nicely into a 1.50...without pinching or cutting off circulation etc.

So your thinking okay he got in on soooo now what....well first of all it is alot of fun to get on/alot of ball/cock handling going on so that always feels great.
BUT a cock ring is sorta like a push up bra.. it pushes the cock and balls up a lil and puts them front and center...
It really is like putting his man meat on display.

Plus if the ring fits correctly there is no discomfort..there is no stays in place.. it gives you a slight sense of it's weight in that area.. but it really is like wearing a wedding ring.. you know it is there and when it isn't there.. but for the most part you really don't think about it being on your finger. One quickly gets use to the feel of a cock ring

Second if your like me and not big into outward signs of the say you can't wear a collar to work or even to a dennys...this rings could stand as a pseudo wedding ring/an outward sign of ownership. he is basically wearing the ring or band that you picked it is a symbol of your bond with the guy.

And honestly this is 2017 and a cock ring doesn't have to be this dirty nasty ugly metal thing from some gay mag in the 1960s...there are ALOT of fun styles to dress your male up in...


are you spying on me? omg why I hate my microwave
Posted:Mar 15, 2017 4:08 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2017 3:54 am

I love the irony of how people are so outraged that someone could leak classified documents to wikilink. People are pissed off at these edward snowden types ..

Yet shouldn't we be pissed off that the CIA always had the ability to hack into our cell phones?

Personally I never believed the FBI when they demanded apple give them the access codes to hack that terrorist's cell phone....

and when apple refused..omg someone on the blackmarket just happened to go all jail break on the i phone and all that info was released???

HUH?? you know damn well the FBI already had the tech/tools and people to do this...

so why the front? so the american people wouldn't know that the FBI was already listening to their cellphones or on their sony tvs. ( wish this was just some tinfoil hat conspiracy bullshit)

Even worse is every goober bought that alexis thingy for christmas...I mean have we gotten that damn lazy that we need a device ( that is always on and recording folks...unless...( insert google chuckling) you turn it to standby mode)

a device to tell us what movies are playing or what time the sun rises etc... couldn't we just do that on our cell phones?

oh wait.. they are listening in on our cell phones as well..

Perhaps I should just go ask the microwave...

fuck me the russian already bugged it.

Perhaps I can get ole trump over to my house.. I heard he is good at finding wire taps
What are your thought on Domestic Discipline folks?
Posted:Mar 14, 2017 4:48 am
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2017 6:50 pm

I know I omg I know Leo is actually posting a lifestyle he feeling okay?

I think people get the wrong impression about those into Domestic discipline. They usually are stereotyped online as either

A: the religious omg their brand of kink is Biblical based.. praise be Jesus ( no homo)...
B: Very Mom and Pops...where 50 yr old dad is spanking mom or vice versa..yet they will go to their graves denying that they are kinky/try to separate their kink from bdsm.

And I wondered if you know anyone that is just into DD and does it work for them.

I'm wonder because leo being..well leo goes on alot of other websites and is into alot of things...

If you've been following along you know that I'm into dudes (and wonderful older bbw women ( yeah I have no use for 20 yr old alt bots with fake boobs

So I am on this all male spanking site ( and the irony here is it isn't a "gay" site..there are straight guys on here who just want to spank/be spanked by other men without any sex you get gay men/bi men/curious and yep straight men on there

...I'm generally attracted to older men in general ( no not like omg I'm 20 and he's 60..more like I'm 48 and he is 55 or 65...but yeah older.
Sooo yeah.. this seems like a cool site to me...older men spanking a guy's ass/he likes being in charge...right up my alley.

So I see "spanking" as bdsm...I just naturally assume if a guy is into this then he obviously must be into other lifestyle very cool.

and yeah there are some nice older local men on here

I have to preface this by saying Kansas city isn't new bdsm groups and clubs aren't out in the open as you'd don't advertise! meeting a gay man into kink is sorta like finding a unicorn at times... you know they exist.. just kinda takes some effort.

But I guess I'm like the clueless guy that walks into the pot luck with a bowl full of jello and thinks it is a get together to meet and greet the neighbors...and it turns out to be a swinger's party.

In this case these "spankers" are basically DD people.. replace mom and pops with "Daddy" and "boy" in the gay world and you pretty much have the same situation.
They like discipline/they like control...
Yet they differ from lifestyle people
and it takes a lil bit to mentally process it..

So I guess it is sorta like dealing with niche people...stay on topic and they are interested..start talking about bondage or other lifestyle topics and they sorta just fade away from the conversation.

Now don't get me wrong I've never been a "step and fetch" lifestyle orientated.sub..I've never wanted a tough and gruff Dominant...hell especially a male one...

So having a "Daddy" instead of a DOM could actually be good for someone like me.
I like the "softer side of sears"..

I'm just curious if a lifestyle person can actually settle for just DD....Do you actually know anyone that is DD?
Gone for a week..did ya miss me?
Posted:Mar 12, 2017 7:22 am
Last Updated:Mar 12, 2017 8:11 pm

I decided to take a stay cation away from alt for a week. I felt like I needed to recharge my battery and decide whether or not I wished to actually continue this blog.

I find it ironic that one can be gone ( off the grid basically) and you have people looking at your profile. Now I'm not gonna bash locals or regulars...I mean there are just so many people on here locally ( even in a city the size of kc)
I'm talking more about the sorta bots....

The longer I stayed away, the more bots I received ( pretty/young/white sub women..hell some locally? that I've never seen here before..hell is alt creating local profile bots to get me back online??

Hell I even think alt listens to my bitching in these blogs...after one rant about alt bots they actually sent pretty male bots after So yeah someone at HQ is reading these things. I complained that I'm not interested in 20 something female subbies.

It's ironic to see my box filled with "20 yr old bots" with fake boobs..

Now if they wanted to send 50 yr old BBW bots;> or male Daddy bots to my mailbox...( just saying...then you have my attention.

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