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I blog sono il modo più modo semplice per tenere regolarmente aggiornati gli atri utenti di is a very popular dating servise. Si tratta di un modo fantastico per conoscere nuovi amici o raccontare le esperienze di chi si è conosciuto su is a very popular dating servise! Puoi leggere i blog degli altri utenti o start your own! crea il tuo!

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Il mio blog
da  softsteel    49M (Uomo)
New cage 133 3 Agosto 2:16 pm
Intuition Is a Superpower 37 16 Agosto 11:54 pm
Il mio blog
da  HeartlyLooking   55F ( Donna)
I mean, I'm not a total WHORE, okay? 175 16 Agosto 8:45 pm
Il mio blog
da  likesmatureones   48M (Uomo)
should someone be fired for a posting on social media 509 16 Agosto 7:25 pm
Wandering through LIfe
da  MsEm_70    46F ( Donna)
LOVE IS.... 43 16 Agosto 6:43 pm
Second Thoughts
da  imagrlforU   35F ( Donna)
da  4Faksake    53M (Uomo)
Oops! Got it wrong again! 97 16 Agosto 5:20 pm
Il mio blog
da  likesmatureones   48M (Uomo)
taking down a statue 617 16 Agosto 5:12 pm
Accepting others 426 16 Agosto 3:20 pm
It's All Relevant
da  aliljaded   47F ( Donna)
Someone... 873 16 Agosto 1:43 pm
hold it between your knees
da  marshamay    29F ( Donna)
links don't always say what you think they say 202 16 Agosto 12:22 pm
My Journey to Submission
da  MineSirsSub   45M (Uomo)/41F ( Donna)
Happy Anal Day..... Otherwise known as Sir's Birthday :) 446 16 Agosto 11:23 am
My Weekend ! 478 16 Agosto 10:50 am
The system administrator for The Daily Stormer is planning on sending Nazis to Heather Heyer funeral 185 16 Agosto 10:25 am
Dots...connections(?)...and more punk rock 129 16 Agosto 9:20 am
Second Thoughts
da  imagrlforU   35F ( Donna)
FREEDOM OF SPEACH and ALT HYPOCRISY 1177 16 Agosto 9:11 am
I like Sex and... Candy 125 16 Agosto 8:11 am
The dumb shit I do
da  hnhagain   43F ( Donna)
Your favorite? 918 16 Agosto 4:51 am
Il mio blog
da  likesmatureones   48M (Uomo)
can you really play with someone that doesn't have an interest in you 1041 16 Agosto 4:43 am
Il mio blog
da  whoisme72    45F ( Donna)
Her Thoughts 256 16 Agosto 4:40 am

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Blog / Autore
Il mio blog
da  softsteel    49M (Uomo)
New cage 133 15/8
Second Thoughts
da  imagrlforU   35F ( Donna)
Words and Music III
da  morii_tanaka   34F ( Donna)
Pretty strange when a draft dodger decides who's qualified to serve in our military. 1595 7/8
bimbo's Blog
da  bimbo4bosses   36F ( Donna)
i don’t think i can do this anymore after what i went through today 10867 14/8
Princess Diaries
da  tinkerfun    39F ( Donna)
Hello Everyone 938 16/8
Lollypops & Unicorns
da  sub_nouveau   48F ( Donna)
Cock Rings...? 10080 16/8
da  IAmMichaelURKnot    56M (Uomo)
One of these is considered "name-calling". Care to guess which? 3418 12/8
filling the library with love 21799 14/8
da  MissLadywood   44F ( Donna)
I Don't Know How You Aussies Do it ! 4463 11/8
The dumb shit I do
da  hnhagain   43F ( Donna)
Please tell me 2679 12/8
The Deep End...
da  tsarah   57F ( Donna)
Impaired blogging 4653 10/8
The slave Whisperer
da  MrMindMe    99M (Uomo)
Holistic Muse 1626 16/8
Black Leather Corset with Buckles Outfit 5056 11/8
The Girl With the Far Away Eyes 1133 16/8
I Like and Love All Things Trump (Esp. because of his toughness with NK!) 2882 16/8
Xcite_id ......
da  sophis_id   54F ( Donna)
And then this happened 4560 15/8
da  vloree   37F ( Donna)
What are your drinks of choice? 3222 14/8
Not Just Me 3094 15/8
Of Mind & Body
da  SquirtMasterQ    51M (Uomo)
The Good Food Guide To The Restaurant In My Kingdom 3235 9/8
"I've had it up to here... 5755 29/7

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