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Blogs are a simple way to create your own regularly updated homepage on is a very popular dating servise. They're a great way to find out more about other members and to tell people more about yourself and your real life experiences or start your own!

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My Blog
by  taxisgirls    68G
I now know another of sirs secrets 9 Feb 22 10:22 pm
Amazing ... 8 Feb 22 10:07 pm
caption me 33 Feb 22 10:00 pm
Sin N Men
by  MicheleDeSade    28F
Master Vlad says FUK Y'All And has given me the following message to read... 20 Feb 22 9:27 pm
Oh, where's my gun? I want to have some fun When you look ahead That's where I dive right in Don't 43 Feb 22 8:59 pm
its all yesterday 46 Feb 22 8:58 pm
Wrapped up in this world of anger There's no second chance out of here Nail tight your eyes now, hon 50 Feb 22 8:51 pm
One sad lady wouldn't give me the time Well, I'll tell you baby that it's quite alright You know it' 55 Feb 22 8:42 pm
Sunshine baby, why can't you see All your greedy lil' talk, well What you're doin' to me I've got to 62 Feb 22 8:35 pm
Big bad Sally's got a big bad problem In the valley tonight She's got an uptight boyfriend And he sa 66 Feb 22 8:28 pm
One bad relationship Seems to be a lover's trip Always seems to get you out of mind She goes everyt 68 Feb 22 8:23 pm
Found it yesterday Underneath my pillow I can't believe these words Making me so sad Tragically but 28 Feb 22 8:18 pm
Outside there's this flickerin' sound I can feel it rising above me Above the ground My eyes, they 23 Feb 22 8:12 pm
Darlin' does it feel good? Darlin' does it feel good? I'm waitin', waitin' for you I'm waitin', up i 19 Feb 22 8:05 pm
All alone, up in my room The clock strikes twelve It feels so soon Two o'clock, three kicks inFour 21 Feb 22 7:58 pm
Well I'm always too fast They're always too slow And that I'll make you see That I'm smart as a crac 19 Feb 22 7:52 pm
get the message get it right what you got want to give it a try you take it easy you make it hard on 21 Feb 22 7:45 pm
It ain't sweet, the way you cut me much too deep for any man no control, no emotion, just that razor 27 Feb 22 7:36 pm
I don't know... 62 Feb 22 7:30 pm
loneliness, it made you sad watch you cry I see you cry she cried emptiness brings you back to your 31 Feb 22 7:30 pm

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Every time a blogger stops a vampire bat gets a few drops. 1905 2/21
Un-settling 2917 2/22
by  MissLadywood   45F
Is he a master or abuser...what do you think ? 2836 2/22
Submissive Alright 6044 2/13
A 2-fer for the last January 2867 2/22
My Blog
by  jennalovesit   29F
My Pictures 2385 2/22
Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi: Embracing and Repairing the Imperfect 1829 2/6
The Deep End...
by  tsarah    58F
on the floor 7628 2/18
i have this fantasy of having two men at once 2904 2/10
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exactly.... 801 2/20
My Blog
by  tiedu25    46M
are there any real ladies on here? 3069 2/4
Closure???... 439 2/9

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