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Freeing Her Inner Baby Girl

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Anal Stimulation and Sex: and She Liked It
Posted:Apr 9, 2017 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2017 5:47 pm

Kinky Trivia Question:

"When it comes to anal sex; one can never have enough _______ "

and then I holler out "Fun!" and the whole place breaks out in laughter.
Of course, the correct answer was lube. But still, it is fun when it is done right and without pain.

The Clitoris muscle is a fascinating item, the only muscle in the human body designed for pleasure and absolutely nothing else. It is not small, at all. The external part, commonly called the "clit" is as every one says a "she-penis" and engorges when stimulated. It can bring about an orgasm most intensely - the external orgasm.

The Internal part of it stretch down then fork around the vaginal canal - this is the "g spot" area - recent MRI and research has declared the single spot inaccurate and says it is the entire area where the flanked clitoral muscle touches. Some spots may be more sensitive to some women, but the whole area can be "taught" to receive pleasure and result in an orgasm.

The ends of the flanked, tuning fork shaped clitoral muscle rest on the colon just inside the external anal sphincter. This is why some women have intense orgasms with anal stimulation.

The Grand Slam for many women is a combination of cock, tongue, fingers, and/or toys to stimulate all three areas of the clitoral muscle.

When a person gives a girl oral, and can penetrate both the anal and vaginal canals while flickering as skilled her external clit, oh yes, heaven bound on that one.

Yes, he put his finger in her ass, and she liked it, oh, yes, she liked it, and cried for "more, more, more!" So, he gave her more, upon her urgent request.

There are many articles on anal sex and stimulation for both men and women.

As to the fear of feces, farting, and pain - If you are that close to your partner to let them play with your ass, and penetrate it, surely you can talk and discuss these concerns.

There are debates about enemas and the natural PH and bacterial levels of the body. The first five inches into the colon from the sphincter is usually empty until the body needs to have a bowel elimination. So, if a man penis is not much longer than five inches, it should be clear. Shower and make sure the area is clean. Discuss enemas and the last time you had a bowel movement if you really want to have anal play. A cock or a toy hitting a certain area will give one the sensation they have to eliminate, so talk about this.

There is air and gas in the intestines, and there were will release of that air and gas when the colon is being pumped vigorously. Yep, it is going to happen.

Pain - well, if you go slow, have enough lube, and use patience allowing the bottom to lead: hold and press back for more, it should be relatively pain free. I do not encourage numbing gels, as pain is a key indicator you are doing it wrong, or tearing things. I for one, do not need an ER visit explaining how my colon was permeated and bleeding.

Once it is open, relaxed, it can be extremely pleasurable.

And with the added use of toys and vibes to help with the external clitoris muscle and the ones wrapped around the vaginal canal, the neighbors may know someone has skills in giving intense pleasure.

Smitten: to Be or Not to Be
Posted:Apr 9, 2017 2:07 pm
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2017 5:43 pm

Smitten means "overwhelmed or struck by something, usually love" in the urban dictionary is states "to be really taken or pleased by someone".

In the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" the character Mary Hatch, played by Donna Reed, was smitten with George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart. George's mom tells him that she lights up like a firefly every time he is near her.

I think for one to be smitten with another would be a precursor to deeper feelings but to beyond that of a normal crush. It would be best if the parties involved were both smitten and enjoyed this phase of warm glowing for a long as possible - just be in the moment and let your cheek flush when she dresses for you and he looks at you.

Enjoy the butterflies when she sends you a texts or when he calls you.

Have fun planning the next date or outing.

Marvel at the human body and the brain with all of there intertwined chemicals making the moments together feel magical - I think that is how the body and minds were designed to be - even with an mind constantly questioning and knowing it a chemical influence and a relay of neurological synapses between the dendrites. On the TV series "Bones". Temperance Brennan had to confess the feelings when all logical recourse was examined, thoroughly, twice.

So, enjoy the feelings, the looks, the little panging quivers, the overwhelming shyness that comes over a normally well spoken person.

Those smitten catalysts are going to interfere with neurological dendrite relays for some time. You are going to be flustered and blush. It is par for the course.

Revel and be glad in the feelings of missing someone, and knowing that someone might be missing you just as much. Enjoy ever moment as they come.

As Aunt Mame says:
"Life is a banquet, and some poor fools are starving to death!"

Life Happens - Be In IT!
Posted:Apr 6, 2017 10:31 am
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2017 2:14 pm

Greetings! It is I, Princess Mischief - back to the land of the sociable! Thank you for all the emails, text messages, phones calls and the house visit to check in on me.

For those of you who do not know, I had a medical procedure that went slightly array, and will have to be finished next Thursday. I was in a lot of pain and out of it for most of this past week.

Thank you -AnitaBlake- for the house call, and thank you HerBodyGuard for helping me with my puppy and pampering me. I truly appreciate it.

Hugs, Kisses and Gropes to All who want them.

Well, It Was Not Imaginary
Posted:Mar 31, 2017 10:53 am
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2017 11:15 am

Have a Daddy friend who likes to check in on me - how I am doing, any side effects to medication, am I doing my physical therapy, sleeping well, and if I am eating properly.

Today, around lunch time he sends me a texts asking what I am eating after I already told him I was eating chocolate cake from Disney World.

"Eat something?"

"Um... Chocolate Disney World Cake?"

"I meant real food."

"Well, it was not imaginary."

by then I am laughing so hard...

"Any left?"

"Um two bites?"

"Take a pic"

by the time he asks for the photo there is only one bite left. So I take that pic and send it. Laughing.

"Enjoy it."

"Oh, I have been, nom, nom, nom."

I Was still laughing over my imaginary remark.

I need some milk!

Cutting Losses and Ending Relationships --- Ouch
Posted:Mar 28, 2017 12:01 pm
Last Updated:Mar 29, 2017 2:10 pm

I think many people, including myself, have often not known when to take a loss and end a relationship.

Sure there is guilt - not wanting to seem like the bad person in anyone's eyes.
There is the confusion and wondering if it should even be done.
There are questions and second guessing and the "What if's" always come into play.

But the bottom line is this-

Is the other person giving back to you as much as you give to them? Stop giving the other person excuses for not giving back - they don't feel well, they are going through things, they need some help, they just need time, blah, blah, blah

Know what is actually happening - they are draining you and taking you down with them. Take an honest look - When they enter your life are you more or are you less joyful?

I am not saying cut your loss at the first sign of a bump or a hiccup - no, that is not it. But when you have known the person for months or longer and they do not change, and bring you mental, emotional, and/or physical harm why are you allowing them to stay in your life?

Why have you not put a greater value on your life than you do for others?

Stop being a relationship martyr! Stop being played! Stop the madness of it all and start being you!

"Oh, but you don't understand - I feel good when I help others!"

Really? You are feeling good when they keep going back to what you just helped them out of?
You feel good when they have lied to you?
You feel good when you find out they do not give back to you as much as you have given to them?

Then you my friend, need some professional help - you are an enabler and a co-dependent person who does not know how to function in any type of healthy relationship. You do not know your own self-worth.

There is nothing wrong with giving advice and helping other help them self, but it is a completely different story when -
you begin to feel obligated for another's problems == especially when you did not make them - Dangerous Tides!
you allow the other person's life to dictate yours, and worse become depressed over this, or emotionally hurt
you invest over and over and there is little to no return

There is nothing wrong with taking time out to learn about yourself. Find out what you need and asking for it in your relationships. Stand your ground, fight as much for yourself and you have for these people who have drained your emotional bank - if not your real bank.

Learn to cut your losses - yes it hurts, but in the long run, you will feel much better.

My Florida: Spring 2017
Posted:Mar 27, 2017 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Mar 29, 2017 2:12 pm

Enjoying these cool early spring evenings, where the temps are in the low 80s/upper 70s but "The Humidity" has not arrived, I find myself on the back porch, curtains drawn closed, sans clothes reading, coloring, writing, or doing some little project.

I am hoping these cooler temps stay for all of April, and that The Humidity is at bay until mid May - it might be a futile hope this year. I am not ready for the heat of 97- 101 *F with the real feel between 110-116*F, where my AC, although set at 80* F never shuts off.

There is something quite nice about being outside naked and enjoying leisure activities in the privacy of my back porch. Sipping tea, juice, or water - listening to the calls of the wild - hawks, owls, doves, birds, rustling of squirrels and rabbits scamper here and there - all helps center my core and put me at rest.

This morning I joined some friends for a lovely nature walk. We did a little over three miles meandering creek bottoms, banks, cliffs, scaling rickety plank bridges, and commenting on the nature all around.

Gainesville, Florida has made a valid attempt and for the most part has been successful in green ways, green belts, and nature preserves within the city limits. One can walk twenty yards onto a path, keep following the trails and never see a sign of a house or a street. The hum of traffic is heard now and then, especially on clear days where sound travels farther.

The water levels are low, some places dangerously low, we need rain. I would love to take a nature walk in the midst of a downpour and feel the power of Mother Nature. Rainy Season/Hurricane Season/The Humidity Season otherwise known as Florida Summer will be here soon enough.

Anyone care for some pink lemonade and want to color with me, or go on a nature walk?

Tie Me Up and Let Me FLY!!!!
Posted:Mar 25, 2017 2:40 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2017 12:48 pm

Last night I journey to a BDSM Club with some friends - one of my girlfriends who is becoming a close friend, and a mutual male Dom friend, from my local BDSM community. I am normally one who will watch and talk and not participate much in a public scene. I enjoy watching, a lot.

I know my PTSD is an issue for me, so all day I prepped myself to be out in public by relaxing, meditating, i even took a long bath, shaved my legs and did a gently body scrub. I wore a black dress there, but upon arriving in the club, removed my bra and then had my GF help lace and pull tightly my black under bust steel boned corset.

I am very self conscience about my scars from surgeries on my torso and tummy, and the fact I have gained a lot of wait in my tummy - mostly from steroids ( seriously, 30+ MG a day regimen is going to make a person gain fat!), various pain killers and meds to help me breathe when allergens attack. I have an hourglass shape, it is just bigger than what I feel comfortable, and I do work on exercise and diet with a team of doctors and physical therapists.

We went into the dungeon, I love the sign there

Naked People beyond this door
Screaming may be heard
but they like it"

makes me laugh every time I open the door.

I like to take it all in, observe how other interact. I do silently smirk and smile at some of the posturing of a few Dominants - you know what I mean if you have been to clubs. But overall, the scene is a lot of fun.

I watched my friends scene together and with others who arrived whom they knew and I met. Then a while later two more girlfriends show up - a rigger and a rope bunny. I love watching this rigger play, have watched her progress over the last year, not that she does not have skills now, but you can tell if she keeps at it, she will be in great demand.

So I watched them do a scene, I was given privy to their pre-scene negotiations and what was going to be done. I loved watching how she tied and secured. the look on the bunny's face. Then she was hoisted up, up, up.. and could fly. I scurried over to one end and mocked slapping hands above my head as she swung back and forth. It was sheer bliss watching.

I then talked with a well known rigger at the club who works with bigger girls, and I said how i would like to be suspended and have my photo taken. He told me we could talk a while and then make plans to have a scene during picture night on one of the Fridays.

Then I was on the sofa, talking with my Rigger and bunny friends. We watched our other GF and Dom scene, and sat on a sofa a while. Then I just said it -
"I want to fly like _____"

Rigger looked at me, said "Ok, we can do it."

next thing I know we are in the changing room, removing my corset, and due to my breast being so large I put my bra back on for the support. Ten pounds each handing down is NOT comfortable, and if we made it to swinging... well, no, that would pull more.

We went back into the dungeon. I am all self conscience about my weight and my scars, but I took a deep breath, removed my dress and then stood by the suspension ring as Ms. Rigger began.

I have NEVER been tied - PTSD - but we agreed not to bind my arms and hands. I have been practicing at home with cotton rope binding my legs, arms, torso and ass to become accustomed to the feeling. Jute rope is a little itchy and rough, but it is strong, you want it for suspension.

I was then carefully wrapped under my arms and over my bust, then under my bust - all the while Ms. Rigger talked to me, checking on my PTSD, and bunny helped with smiles and calm talking. Our other friends were on a far sofa in aftercare by now, and I saw them smile at me.

Ms. Rigger secured my chest and rib cage, then my hips and pelvis, I knelt as she worked my ankles and shin area. Then I planked - CORE muscle baby! lol No one ever really talks about how much strength it takes to be a suspended rope bunny!

Had to make some adjustments, and move the weight distribution. By now, I had asked the other Ms. Bunny to invite my friends over to share my first time with me, and for moral support.

Planked again, was doing push ups on my toes and hands. Weight was good this time. Wire was pulled up more... I pushed off the ground. and then I was doing the Tom Cruise arms from Mission Impossible and made the music DO DO DO DO!

laughing... they checked with me, then raised me up some more. Kept checking, and raised me up some more.. then i was spinning a bit, four feet off the ground. Then I was up higher... and they pushed my feet and I swung out.

As promised to the Ms. Bunny I made mermaid wiggles and a fish face.

I was over six feet in the air. Swinging and flying. Laughing. Had it not been for the rope burn I was beginning to feel under my arms on my side breast area, I could have gone longer.

Down I came. Touched the ground, stopped the swaying, planked then knelt. Feet and ankles first.. then worked the lines in reverse.

Hugs all around.

I hugged Ms. Rigger. And all my friends.

I had some rope marks after and this morning there are pinky rope burn marks under my arms. I can feel rope marks on my hips/pelvic but they are not seen.

Dude, Man up and write a decent profile... letter to a clueless whiner
Posted:Mar 25, 2017 2:08 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2017 9:16 am

Guy, profile is bfann697, has a status and a profile that are the cause of his issues -

Status: "I give up. Tired of being blocked for saying hello."

Profile: "I give up. Too many stuck up women on here................."

So I wrote him the following as a wake up call to man up ---

your profile is WHY you are being blocked.. you are doing it to yourself. --- are you really that ignorant of input and gain?

Yes, REAL women are going to READ your profile.. and if you are that lazy to not write anything about who you are, what you seek and why.. and we dont mean kinky sex - you have a penis, we know you want sex.... really, act like a man and open up ... stop blaming others for your own lack of effort...

an email with "hi" and now profile - one could have you ignored, both, seriously - you are ASKING to be blocked

perhaps I have helped him, perhaps he will be a typical male and despise the fact I had the audacity to correct his errors.


One profile at a time

Love ME!!!!

Princess Mischief

Stickers for the Little Girl *
Posted:Mar 22, 2017 1:23 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2017 3:02 pm

I like stickers and gold stars - well, I guess a gold star is a subset of stickers, so it is redundant. lol

I think it would be fun to have Daddy give me stickers for a job well done, for anything fun.

He can place some on my shirt, some on a chart, some on my skin...

I think at times he may wish to place them near my nipples, and then rub them in extra carefully, they may even need kisses to secure them in place.

Yes, I need more stickers!

and Hello Kitty band-aids.... but that is another story

You Are Not an "Open Book" IF Your Profile Is Blank - Stop Living in Denial
Posted:Mar 20, 2017 11:35 am
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2017 3:14 pm

The Setting: Receiving an email from a person who complements your profile. You click on their name to read their profile, anticipating what you may have in common. To your dismay the profile is practically blank - nothing or barely nothing is written. Some times they brag about "ask me anything, I am an open book!"

But this "open book" stance which they so proudly proclaim is a lie.

Why is it a lie?

When a book is lain open, it is full of words, stories, inviting the reader to investigate more. It is not a blank page, void of character and passion.

An Open Book GIVES to the reader, it does not make the reader work and wonder what to ask - Why would the reader ask anything of a blank page?

An Open Book GIVES the reader information, it shows that someone cared enough about content enough to take the time to write and express something with hope of captivating the reader enough to turn the page, wishing to discover more.

An Open Book Shows the author, the creator is willing to invest in the time to express and begin the task of true open communication.

An Open Book does not make the reader do all the work by developing questions to ask. No, the Open Book gives the reader a place to start, some background to help formulate questions and invite the reader to ask more.

If you have to profess to be an "Open Book" on a blank page, it is more than likely you are not one.


Everyone receives SPAM And emails from people who do not read - but then there are others, like yourself, who do read.

Is not your target someone who would take the time to write?

Would it not then be logical to provide those who write and expressing desires, wishes, needs the same courtesy they have given you by giving them something to read in return?


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