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Freeing Her Inner Baby Girl

Welcome to my blog!

Space, Adjusting, and Gratitude
Posted:May 22, 2017 7:07 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2017 6:55 pm

I am accustomed to having headaches, migraines, and nerve pain in various parts of my body, I am not accustomed to having someone who daily is concerned about them. I had a migraine rear its ugly head at my dinner party, and became nauseated and could not eat much, and needed to lay down while we watched a movie.

He understands my back and nerve pain, as he has been through some of the exact same issues, therefor I do not have to explain why I am moving so slow one morning, or have to rest one afternoon to allow my body to recoup.

I am not accustomed to someone telling me to relax and take it easy, just the opposite in fact - for I am not at all use to having someone help me with tasks, whatever they may be.

It is dumbfounding to me that this man loves me and insists on helping me, and doing what he can. It fills me with a sense of gratitude and thankfulness, combined with a need to do things for him.

People who have endured abusive relationships where neglect, abuses, betrayal often find it extremely difficult to adjust to a healthy relationship as it is not the "norm" they have lived.

One may desire the normalcy and the love they see in other relationships, but when it happens to them, a person may feel lost in this change.

My best advise is something Mr. Disney says - Baby Steps - like from the movie "What About Bob".

Take time to learn you are worth someone who loves you. Take a breather when you need one, people can become overwhelmed with kindness and love when not familiar with it.

Take time to allow someone to love you and on you.

Allow them to have the joy of giving.

Do not belittle what they have done by belittling your needs or desires. That can hurt the other person. Instead, just say:

"thank you"
"I appreciate this"
or something along those lines.

And enjoy life as it is - Good.

Co-Hosting Benchmark
Posted:May 21, 2017 8:52 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2017 9:29 pm

I am accustomed to hosting solo or with a group of girlfriends, but not accustomed to co-hosting as a couple. Today this benchmark will be met.

Mr. Disney and I have invited a small group of people over for a pot luck dinner.

I am use to scurrying about the house, preparing all the food, decorations, etc, solo - singing about making merry.

I am not self-conscience about my scurrying and singing, but what I am not familiar is to have is a man who absolutely delights in watching me scurry and sing about. He smiles at me as I bounce and talk to myself. Then he gives me that look that completely melts my insides and I want, nay need to kiss him, over and over again. But we do not have time to play as we normally play, so that will have to wait. giggles.

Last night we were at my Publix, (yeah, I know I have my own personal Publix, giggles) and we were shopping for the Boston butt to make pulled pork and dry beans to make baked beans. As we were talking to the workers at the register, I joked about how I was going to cook, then I said -
"No, he is doing most the cooking - I am just going to be his cheerleader"

Upon approaching the car, Mr. Disney confessed -
"You know what? I have never had my own personal cheerleader before."
I smiled and took his hand, and said, "Well, that is what little one are suppose to be for you! So, you have one now."

I paused a moment, then piped, "If you want, I can put on the bobby socks and short pleated skirt if you like." Giggles and laughter ensued.

He smiled and then kissed me.

So here we are - pork is almost done cooking, has been in the slow cooker all night, and the beans are in the oven after soaking over night, rinsing and then spiced. We both are cleaning the kitchen, and I am about to scurry to clean the bathrooms, then dust, followed by vacuuming, then setting the tables.

Should be a great evening with food, games/movie, plenty of fun conversations and lot of laughter.

Oh, did I mention, he had done some things on my Honey-Do list that I have made for myself, without my even asking! They are placed on a reminder list because I keep forgetting to do them, and lo and behold - I have help! I am ecstatic about that.

(Makes me want to drop to my knees and well... become a wee bit of a a distraction. shhhhh...)

Tequila Shot?
Posted:May 20, 2017 7:33 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2017 7:25 am

Late last night Mr. Disney and I were playing a board game, watching a movie and eating popcorn. He asked if I would like to do ONE shot of tequila, I said yes.

Mr. Disney - "Honey, do you want another shot of tequila?"

Princess - "I don't know," giggles, thinking with eager hope -- "You might take advantage of me."

Mr. Disney - "Honey, I am going to be taking advantage of you for the next forty years."

giggles and laughter

leans over and kisses Princess

Another Shot, PLEASE!!!!

"Let Me Do This For You"
Posted:May 20, 2017 7:23 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2017 6:27 pm

I find it wonderful that Mr. Disney and I actually have had several conversations where the topic is

Let me do this for you
Allow me to love you
Give me the opportunity to love you as you love me

It is a wonderful place to be to have THIS be the topic and not feeling

Why don't you do this
Why don't you love me
Why can't we do this

I am enjoying, and I am every so thankful that Mr. Disney is deliberately putting on the breaks to make sure things go slow and steady while we adjust to becoming a couple, a we, an us.

"Neither one of us is twenty-two and naive" says he. And I agree. We have both been raked through the coals by people who have taken advantage of us, not appreciated us, and we were not given what we needed in a relationship.

And now, the two of us, we make sense together. I love him, and I have had to sit him down and tell him, verbatim - "Allow me to love you, give me the opportunity to love and give to you as you love and give to me."

I am enjoying the freedom Mr. Disney has given me to love him, I enjoy it a lot.

I have enjoyed introducing him to my family - I have a huge family, and I have been delighted to meet his family. We have actively been introducing one another to friends at munches, activities and dinner parties arise.

It is a nice thing to hear that the family and friends believe your partner is good for you and you are good for them.

And you know what?

This Little One who has not been so keen on PDA - you know public displays of affection -
Well, Mr. Disney has ignited a fire in me that burns so bright with love I want to hold his hand and kiss him wherever and when ever we are.

Golly, some things do change, giggles.

"Worth Waiting For" - Taking It Slow and Steady - Baby Steps
Posted:May 19, 2017 1:34 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2017 6:28 pm

From the day we met in person at Disney World, it took my Lord Protector a month of knowing me - day long date, dinner dates and talking for hours, no less than seven a day every day, on the phone or texting, it took him Twenty-Six Days to really give me a proper romantic kiss. Not saying he did not kiss me, there where little ones, but not the deep down feel it in your knees I want you to be my girl and take you to bed type of kisses.

We have talked about things, a lot of things, and he has told me:
"You are worth waiting for, you have been through enough and I am not going to mess up a good thing by pressuring you too early to do things you are not ready to do just yet. You may think you want to do them, but I am going to make you want to do them with no doubt what-so-ever."

So he bides his time, ever so affectionate and loving, and we talk, we laugh, and we laugh a great deal every day.

I have decided my main goal in life is to put a smile on his face and make him happy. I do love him.

He reminds me "baby steps, we will get there" almost every day when I become flustered with myself.

I am in awe of his patience and his tender manner. I am surprised at how tender and more feminine I have become as I am learning to allow him to protect me and release my Princess Warrior from duty. It is not as if I have not written about this desire to do so, I was just not aware of how thick my walls are at times, and how fragile he makes me feel with a tender look and a gentle touch.

Baby Steps

I feel so comfortable around him. When he is with me it feels like home. He enjoys pampering me - to a degree and with a love that I have always wanted and seen in others but never had myself. I am able to have him sit down, discuss something of concern to me, and I have no fear of him becoming angry or leaving me for whatever reasons I have endured in the past.

Slow and Steady

This man really loves me. I have cried in his arms, and he held me. I am not the type of girl who cries with ease, but his protection has made a place where I feel safe enough to cry and he wont tell me to suck it up or stop using tears to manipulate him. It was very difficult to allow myself to cry and just release those emotions.

Worth Waiting For

I feel more calm and relaxed at times. Oh yes, I am still full of bouncy passions and my little side scurries about- which he loves, but there is an underlining peace I feel, deep within, heaven sent which I am receiving from this man.

He recently told me, "You are one of the most kind and sweetest persons I have ever met."

There is a strength growing in me a a result of the love that has blossomed. A confidence, not boisterous or arrogant, but a subtle, gentle knowing that it, he, I, we are going to be alright.

I have a strong feeling what he and I are making is exactly what each of us has been searching for all of our lives, it just took us a while to reach the point to where were were ready to handle it.

Famous Last Words: " Don't Worry It Wont Break" - Creak, Crack, Snap!
Posted:May 19, 2017 12:59 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2017 11:19 am

I am wondering, how many of you have personally broken a bed while playing /having sex in the bed?

What were you doing at the time?

How badly was the bed broken?

I am presently in the market for a new bed set due to the fact my Daddy and I, (Oh, how I love saying I have one!) broke my bed - the frame, the box spring and the mattress all need to be replaced.

We cracked the wood in the box spring, bent the metal frame when the box spring moved quickly, and the mattress has suffered damage as well.

But I was "a Very Good Little Cowgirl",
so says Daddy.

My New Profile May 2017
Posted:May 18, 2017 12:10 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2017 7:02 am


At this time, I am smitten and in love with a wonderful man who loves me and shows me his love every single day through his careful actions and words. If there is a smile on my face, he is most like the source of it.

I live in Florida, where four generations of my family reside.
I love living here, and will freely talk about my life (in general) here in Florida.

A little about this Lord Protector's Little Princess

I am just under 5'10"
Long dark curly hair, golden amber eyes
51 bust, 38.5 rib cage, round tummy, 50.5 hips/booty
- my bras are indeed specially ordered on line -
- My under-bust corsets are steel boned -
- cinched to make my waist 34-36 inches -

I am active in my local community helping plan and host events, Munches, dinner parties, nature walks, beach bashes, Disney Days, and BDSM 101 help.

I have been in the lifestyle since the mid 1990s. I am by no means perfect, I make mistakes, and I am quick to apologize when I do. Sparkling things tend to make me loose track of "need consent to touch" and the little in me is "oooh Pretty!" I do have to work on this. Sorry in advance, it is not on purpose to make anyone uncomfortable.

I am a very social introvert. I am talkative and wish to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the group. This is my public persona. At home, it has taken some people by surprise at how quiet I am and how quiet my home is.

I have a wide array of hobbies and interests and many times invite people to join me at home or other places to enjoy my hobbies and interests with me and my Lord Protector.

Reading, audio books, writing
I enjoy writing short stories and poems.

Coloring, Drawing, Painting, Photography
ask to see some photos of my art work

Music- singing and concerts
warning: I sing many Broadway and Disney Songs

Road Trips/RV USA and Canada; Travel the World; Cruises

I am a Foodie
dinner parties, dining out, cook, bake and grill

I have my annual pass and I am ready to go

Please Say "Hello"

Thank you,

Princess Mischief

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My Profile 2011 - 2017
Posted:May 18, 2017 11:57 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2017 3:50 am


I have had the basis of this profile for years. Edited when needed, but for the most part on three sites it has been my profile for over six years. That is how long I have been diligently seeking a Man to Seduce Me, convince me that I am the girl he has been seeking and needing. I want to keep a memory of this profile as a reminder to myself about the years I spent seeking him and all my efforts.


please click to read my blog

Please, Do Not Bother IF

I am willing to consider becoming part of a couple (not join a couple) who Snow Birds. If I find the right man, and I am the right girl for him we can live in Florida in the Winter, travel north in the Spring, live near his family in the North and travel back south in the Autumn.

Not interested in married or attached for real meets - will chat with you and be an on-line friend.

I live in a college town, if all I wanted was NSA and hook-up cock it would not take this website to get it. I want more than that.

Tried the "FWB" most devolved into Fuck Buddies or Booty Calls. I want more.

I like the strings. FWB may have their purpose when not in a committed relationship -so long as we are real FRIENDS - go out, movies, day trips, dinner, dancing, travel - what ever friends would do.

I do want and need my own man 24/7. Not instantly, but after dating a while, yes Daddy should be able to know after a few months if I am the girl for him and I should be given time to decide if he is the man for me.

I eventually I will need a LTR that leads to marriage, yes I said the M-word! If this is not for you fine be up front about this, does not mean we can not be friends. Friends does not mean automatic Friends WITH Benefits.

Please, if you are married or separated do not pursue me to date you.

Why Am I Here?

"There really was no box to check for 'Daddy's Girl' on other sites."

I like to be a Daddy's Girl

Why a Daddy's Girl?

It's Complicated:

I am witty, strong, very intelligent, attended grad school, I handle many stressful interactions with events and projects in my life and most the time I deeply enjoy the challenge and do solve them quite well in time.

However, I like the playful interactions in Daddy Group Chat Rooms, IMC and on the phone (see my blog posts about phone sex) , I have found this to be one of my safe outlets to allow the little girl inside of me to express herself - normally it is only seen within a very small circle of friends and Disney World.

Ah, yes, Disney World, it has been my refuge of playfulness to be acceptably expressed for many years, at any time of year. Even my family noticed and just had to remark at how they never knew what a child at heart I was, until we had been at Disney and it strongly emerged in a couple days. giggles, opps!

Sexually, the "Daddy button" was turned on for me many years ago when I was dating a man for a while~ and one time, while going down on me, I just could not find a way to relax and let go; I was so on the edge. He was kind and very perceptive. He just calmly, softly, with his deep kind voice said, "baby, it's ok. Relax baby, cum for Daddy." That little phrase, his words, his mannerism, THAT turned on a button. - it was reassuring, strong, protective and safe to let go.

I think women were and are designed to be taken care of by men, it is the differences in the way we think, handle conflict and stress and our mannerism. This statement in no way negates our strength or intellect as a gender, for we are eternally strong and capable in many areas and if men are smart and wise they will ask us for our opinion before making a decision (hint!).

There is a part of women that needs to feel safe, to let go of control of every single aspect of our life - this is extremely difficult - everything we think, we feel, we do, and/or is desired is some how interconnected to everything else in our life. Somehow the trash not being taken out on trash day is connected in those synapses of feeling desired and sexy two days later; and yes somehow a man buying me daisies, out of the blue for no reason, somehow makes me want him and erases any of the other stresses of the day or at least to diminish enough the little girl comes out and is very playful.

Why are we women like this?

I have no idea, not a one. But we as a gender, we feel everything, sometimes in sexual expression this is absolutely wonderful because our entire being is involved.

The Daddy/Good girl dynamic can allow ourselves to feel safe, protected and to let some one take care of our needs.

***** Although I am a very caring and nurturing person, I am not a very sub minded, I do not think as a sub. I have lived as an Alpha Female most my life. I have topped from the bottom with Doms in Daddy/Good Girl play. ******

That is what I use to believe was true.

Hardcore warrior who did not need to be helped. Over the last year I have realized that the inner little girl in me, my core being, is in fact quite submissive, she has been protected by my exterior warrior for many years to survive.

Please read these blog posts
The moment when you realize what it is you truly need
A Desire to Blend Both Worlds into One with Daddy
A CHICK FLICK: I am a Pearl, Not a Diamond
The DaddyDom Who has the Key to Unlock the Inner Me

In fact, the more I have allowed my inner little one to surface the happier I have become with myself. It is not at all easy to admit this. Nor is it easy to admit I like the discipline that comes with having a DaddyDom.

I like being able to express the Little Girl side of me who longs to be, in all sincerity, innocently playful and curious (and there are those times to be very naughty). To have a man, a daddy, accept and encourage this behavior is absolutely wonderful.

It is fun, to color, play games, go for walks and sing out loud, to have water fights in the house, and to go to theme parks dressed as a little girl and it is way fun to be invited to sit on a Daddy lap and have him hold and snuggle with me. I do tend to wiggle a bit, though... giggles.

What am I looking for in a man?

This is NOT a list of rules.
These are things I admire and desire in a man, and would like for him to master and own. Some things are negotiable, means not set in stone, whereas other things are not negotiable. I clearly make these distinctions.

Alpha Male DaddyDom - Lord Protector

this is not negotiable

Must be secure, not forceful, able to take the lead, have a very strong need to protect and care for me- does not mean my Master or my Boss - I do not need to be ordered around, nor be a maid, not a servant. I do not need to be punished - if he can not seduce me and inspire me to do the things he likes, he is not the Alpha Male I need. I desire Daddy to treat me as an equal, talk with me, discuss life issues and have the ability to make sound decisions. If a man can not take care of his own financial needs, securely, seriously, how does he expect to give in this area in a relationship? Not being a gold digger, I just don’t want to have to worry about bills: love to travel, need some money after bills and life’s necessities are taken dealt

Relationship Goals
to be a real one off line.

I will play on line in group rooms and private messaging
I even enjoy phone sex

To be courted with the intention of a LTR that eventually leads to a marriage.

I know so many people have been hurt and are extremely jaded. I don’t want the drama of Daddy’s past relationship, I want to understand him and where he has been, but so do not want him lamenting over his past and wallow in self pity. I want the ability to look and dream about loving someone else, as we are putting the other’s first and choosing to love and forgive and live in harmony. This does take work, I know that, I think the work is well worth the effort in the level of intimacy acquired between the two people. Relationships are suppose to be what you can give to it not just what one can take from it. If you can not give me more than just cock time, I really don’t want a relationship with you.

Single - Not Attached
- not negotiable-
want my own Daddy and I am to be his only little girl.


He may be, but does not have to be old enough to be my real father, as the Daddy/Good Girl thing is more of a state of mind and attitude, and I would prefer some one with in 10 years of my age, there about… no younger than birth being 1980.

No Drugs

Non Smoker

of any kind - this is a deal breaker for many


must not be a Minnie Mouse

I love a deep, soft, tender voices: from- Hugh Jackman, Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons, William Shatner, Barry White, to Mufasa. giggles having a voice whisper in my ear “You’re such a good girl for daddy,” absolutely makes me melt and want to do anything naughty he asks of me, thus ensuring I am always a good girl.

Ability to Communicate
this is non negotiable.

If Daddy can not talk with me about what he dreams, needs, desires, and listen and support mine, seriously what is the point?


I am a true Romantic at heart.


I love and crave physical affection, Daddy must enjoy this as well. He must also need and desire affection that does not always lead to his penis becoming hard, sexual contact and intercourse. Some times the simple things of a simple kiss on the forehead and cheek, holding hands, pat on the bum, back or thigh mean so much and are felt so deeply. I do not want to feel Daddy wants me solely to be his personal whore.

Sexual Appetite

Ideally, yes, I do want to be Daddy’s personal cock slut - I want him to cherish and treasure my playful naughty side, hold it dear to his heart, and want to get hard when he sees my number flash on his phone. I need a daddy to encourage my sexual needs and curiosity with toys, role playing and fantasies. Although not practical or realistic, I would love to have sex daily, some days may need to have it 3 to 8 times; this is not always feasible, so toys come in, and masturbation with/for Daddy, while he watches etc… the possibilities are endless.

Creativity, Imagination and Playfulness

This is a sign of intelligence and being free to be one’s self. These go a long way in establishing real intimacy and intellectual affections.

- this is negotiable -

my ideal is much taller than me, 6 3 or taller, but I have dated men shorter than myself, and as long as likes me in heels, dresses and skirts and is comfortable without some type of Napoleon complex

Body Size/Build

not into thin or petite men, at all.
Body builder, athletic - must be actively playing a sport to be athletic and not merely a sport watcher, a little extra padding but please do not look like you are 9 - 18 month pregnant. If you play sports and I have the opportunity to watch you, huge plus.

Hair and Grooming

If Daddy has hair, it will be well groom and clean. Clean teeth, no green or black teeth ( and yes, this has to be said, you would not believe the people I have met) Sorry, blame it in my military upbringing, but I am really not into facial hair of most kinds. Although I had a huge crush on Earl Flynn as Robin Hood. I don’t mind a very close beard and stash like Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan in the CBS series Criminal Minds

Thank you for reading the complete profile and the blog links

Princess Mischief

Dating ... When You Are Miles Apart
Posted:May 2, 2017 12:19 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2017 11:16 am

Dating a person feels like new ground for me as it has been many years since I have truly dated anyone with any intention of forming a couple - that will be another blog theme -

I am thankful for modern technology and making the time when we are apart enjoyably linked.

One night Mr. Disney and I we on speaker phone with one another until the break of dawn sharing music.

Now some of y'all may not remember the little single 45 records and how friends would bring stacks of them to one friend's home and then be up all night long playing each song and critiquing them, singing to them and making our own dance routines.

This Long Distance Date Night was close to reliving that time of my youth.

Mr. Disney would play a song and I would sing along to it, if I knew it, and then we would talk about memories it evoked, feelings, and then we would say "Ok, your turn to play a song" and it progressed all night long.

It was a great night. We have had many night talking all night until dawn, then being tired the next day, but smiling all the same. Yep. I am smitten.

Who needs sleep?

Well, I do. And I would take naps after walking puppy some mornings or afternoons.

I am curious --

What are some of your long distance dating activities aside from phone sex and sex on the computer. What things do you do to become mentally and emotionally more connected?

A Funny Thing Happened While I Have Been Recovering
Posted:May 2, 2017 11:59 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2017 11:17 am

March and April were two very busy months for me, and while May and June will also be busy, they wont be as painful - I hope!

I had a medical procedure go array early April and it had to be fixed near the end of April. Recovery after the array portion was painful, very painful, brings out the wuss in me lol - but not life threatening.

And what was the funny thing that happened... I met a man during all of this. Life is very odd at times.

I met him at a Disney World Meet and Greet and thought nothing of it due to the fact I believed he was in a relationship with someone at the time. Turns out I was mistaken, and he was quite single and I learned during the all day activity.

I still did not think much about him or a possible "us" but I wanted to learn more about him. So I agreed to go on a Disney World Date with him the following week. Once again, we had a marvelous time, and from that day since we have been in contact with one another ever day for over seven hours a day.

We do not live in the city, but the distance is not bad since we both enjoy going to Disney World. After the second date and even though we had been talking seven hours a day every day on the phone or texting, I was still on the fence if anything could truly develop. I thought he was fun to be around, he made me laugh and smile, and we both made one another think. And from what we had shared in kink desires we were within range of one another. But, shrugs, the jury was still deliberating.

Then some of my friends and I carpooled went to Disney World, he was not feeling that well but wanted to come out and meet my friends. So I told him where we would be having dinner in Walt Disney World.

Y'all I was completely fine, talking, laughing, doing my thing,

until... he shows up.

Then I forget my girlfriend's name and my other friend's name and I forgot HIS Name when it came time to introduce everyone to each other.

I was completely tongue tied. I was suddenly shy... you know, like blushing shy and the wall flower girl, shy...

Like "Dayum girl, You do not even know your own name" muddled.

I had been reading the menu for twenty minutes, and when it came time to order, I could not talk to the guy taking my order.

I forgot how

to speak.


I was not able to regain my composure for a while as I sat at my table sipping my Coke. Then everyone was talking with him and he them... and I had nothing to say.

I was mute!

I am not a mute girl!

The tummy tingles were rapidly firing, and the butterflies were not fluttering, oh no, not mine! Mine were dive bombing and plummeting only to soar right back up and swoop back down again.

I was able to talk during dinner, and then he had to go back home and my friends and I had a fun rest of the evening like normal.

So, in my ultra coolness, cause y'all know I am so cool like that - later that night, I confess to him my whole situation about going dumb and the butterfly battles. He laughed with me.

He then came to my place to visit and meet more of my friends. I had the procedure done the day he left. When he found out it went array, he drove back from his house - over 125 miles away and took care of me for the next week while I was recouping in the pain.

Then when the next part was scheduled he drove to take me to the hospital and to help me recoup after.

I was not a pretty sight. I was "whiny and irritable, albeit cute" says he. lol

It has been weeks now... and I still have those tummy tingles when "Mr. Disney" looks at me a certain way, or whispers in my ear, or even some of his text.

We are "Meeting The Families" this weekend and next week he says he wants to talk about an "Us" ----

An "Us" - a "We" .... new ground for me. But that will be another blog post.


To link to this blog (_Please_SeduceMe) use [blog _Please_SeduceMe] in your messages.