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Superior Women

You say I'm a bitch as if it were a BAD thing.

Art Thread
Posted:Jan 28, 2017 10:33 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2017 2:33 am
Pinning this to the top of my blog so we can have an ongoing thread about art.

No rules, per se –
I only ask that you read what is written before commenting. Try to use information such as the title or the artists name when responding (so if the thread gets busy, we will know what others are talking about).

It also will help if a WIP (work in progress) is posted.

If posting/sharing art – do not do more than one at a time so others can have a chance to comment/discuss before moving on to the next. (look at me – all positive it will be a busy thread…)

I might occasionally change this cover photo.
For now – my painting ‘Nevertheless’ 42x60” oil on panel
Did you all know...?
Posted:Dec 4, 2017 9:46 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2017 2:08 pm
That the young literate females of our country are being indoctrinated into wanting multi-partners?

Ok, let me back up.
I read a lot. I can easily go through 3-4 books a week. I’m fast.

Recently, I downloaded and read a YA book. Some kind of fantasy novel with the people not being human and having powers. I can’t even remember. It lead to more of them. Then others were recommended by the Kindle.

All different authors – different stories and worlds, premises, etc.

Except for thing. It may be 15 books I’ve read so far (some of those series) – and in ALL of them, the females have many men/lovers. This is not poly being depicted, but either all the women in the books, (or just the main character) have many lovers. In all it is not depicted as immoral or wrong (even though they struggle with momentary guilt in a few of them), but natural because of whatever reason. In one series it was because these non-humans had more men than women. In another, it was because of a supernatural bonding and can’t be controlled, etc.

I am finding this hilarious. If it is so many different authors, then we have a pattern here that the teen girls are eating up. The characters are older teens or early twenties in these YA books – but who knows about the readers.

Huh – I wonder if this will affect trends in the future.
Worlds where the woman get to have as many lovers/partners as they wish….the men do not (the woman is enough, even when being shared...and she is possessive). They do not get jealous (or just a little for sexual tension) and no slut-shames.

Oh – another thing most of them seemed to have in common. The women (or woman) has the most/strongest of the supernatural powers.

Suck it, Mormans......we need some new religions....
I am a dirty girl. Really.
Posted:Nov 29, 2017 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2017 2:33 pm
It’s that time of year for my business.
Where I can hardly find time to shower.
In fact, I haven’t found that time.
I’m pretty sure I am a day away from dredlocks.

I ate in the studio today.
Awhile later I saw something in my hair out of the corner of my eyes.
Yup... a bit of my lunch just hanging out in the locks.

I watered the Christmas tree and when I stood up there was an ornament hanging in my hair.

I am far past needing a haircut.
I also need to hire help at this time of year, but I won’t hire any since this is a major part of my income and I stash it away for the slower months in Spring. So I just power through a crazy month or months.

It’s that time of the year that I have to wear wrist guards/wraps or I’m in pain from all the painting and wrapping/shipping. The Velcro that closes them also grabs my hair.

It’s that time of year I think about cutting it all off.

I’ll think more on that later. After I shower.
The husband made a request.
The least he could have done is offer to comb out the tangles.
It’s going to take awhile.

**sexy (cough) porn blog for those who like messy (needing a shower) women covered in paint**

Photo: google
spite painting
Posted:Nov 26, 2017 8:56 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2017 6:37 am
My mother might have had a bit too much wine one night and I discovered she despised the name the grands call me…Grand Goddess.
She turned and said ….”I mean really, who do you think you are?!”

I’m Grand Goddess, bitch. Do you hate it? Awwww…..

I’m thinking of doing a spite painting. I will paint myself as some kind of super hero goddess figure and title it ‘Grand Goddess’ – just to annoy her.

I’ve never done a ‘spite’ painting. Could be a new thing. It has to be cheaper than the therapy I probably need.

Tired & horny.
Too tired after the 8 pm bedtime we have been.
This is a big house – you wouldn’t think it would be as hard as it has been to find a place to fire up the Hitachi. I need more locks on more doors. And the thing needs a stealthy quiet mode. There is a winning idea – a very quiet vibrator for women with small children. Someone should get on that.

Irony: after 2 years kid-free, I started a series about it. One called 'Empty Nest' that is still in progress and the other 'Our Turn' that is completed. a kid is living here again. I somehow feel I did this. I'm having a moment where I am imagining my completed paintings affect my life. Via the opposite though. What kind of evil sorcery us happening here?

I really need to re-discover my sense of humor.
It’s been buried under the anger I have at my daughter.
The husband is so good at cheering me when I need it though. He can make me laugh at the toughest times and I adore him for that.

My youngest son’s girlfriend was born here, but her mother, brother and sister were born in Honduras. They’ve been here for 30 years – escaped and almost drowned (the girlfriend is 20 and her mother still wont let her go anywhere near the ocean). They have had some kind of political asylum/visa’s all this time. The sister is half-way to becoming a citizen, but it has taken time as it is very costly. They are a hard-working lovely family. Their visas will not be renewed under that douche bag. The family is going to be split apart. I am heartbroken for them. They are making plans now – some back to Honduras (with nothing and no one to help) and one is going to try to get to Canada. My son has been with her for 4 years now – they are family for him. They are the reason I felt it was ok to move away just as he was starting college – he already spent almost every weekend at their home.

I can’t really put into words how much I hate that man. For this and so much else.

Ok, back to that sense of humor thing.
Or not.

Photo: current mood
whining like a little bitch
Posted:Nov 20, 2017 6:41 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2017 5:49 pm
Ahhh….this painting has finally sold.
It is the last of the ‘feel bad’ paintings, as I think of them.
Paintings that had hidden meanings concerning how unhappy I was at the time.
Good riddance.
The slave is not as happy about it – he loves the paintings of me.
The only regret I have is that I don’t think (I know) my figure is quite like that anymore…and now the painting is gone. How shall I prove how hot I was - when I am 80?
Those may very well be the best hands I ever painted – and hands are notoriously difficult.

In other news…
And I find I tend to have one day a week I am so…angry.
I love that child – she is truly my favorite.
But this is not what I had planned for my life.
And her mother is not taking care of business.
So this could last…indefinitely.
And the longer it lasts, the less any of us want to give her back…knowing she is better off here.

I am not a control freak in most ways. But when it comes to living my life the way I want – I want what I want. I lived for others for too damn long. And I worked so hard to get to where I am.

And my mother, who does the majority of the child care while I run my business – has developed a life suddenly. She has only been on 3 dates, but apparently she is now spending weekends at his place and he wants ‘to talk about their relationship’.
I do not like feeling so torn. Between…’ok, I’m happy for you’ vs. ‘if you run off, I will literally kill you since you agreed to help me with this child.’

I think my biggest problem is not knowing. I like to know. I like to plan. If I knew how long this would be – OR if I knew it would be permanent….either of those would be a relief. Just to know. I have made plans in case it is permanent (to build another bedroom). Yet….I don’t know…and that is enraging me.

Deep breathing. I am just trying to enjoy the child things like jumping in Fall leaves and how excited she is for Thanksgiving.

And seeing as this is a kink site….yeah…mojo? Not so much.
I had a full and fulfilling kink life with my slave/husband when I had 3 teenagers. It seems like we just need to adjust. Re-learn how to do this. I admit though – after having 2 years of complete freedom from kids….it will be a challenge.

Then there is the painting. This past year I accomplished more new and exciting pieces than I have in 10 years. I have gotten to the point where the alias work is easy and quick – freeing up more time for the real stuff. But, it takes quiet and alone-time to develop these ideas and work them. Last year was so wonderful for it. I was so encouraged that I had gotten to a place where I was producing so many again. The ideas were flowing and I had the time. Now, I am hanging on to the alias (it is the bread & butter of our income), but I don’t know how I will do the other. I can not foresee days of uninterrupted time in my future.
If I wanted to be melodramatic: My life’s passion and ambition is being fucked with.

So, you know….woe is me.
And of course, the usual refrain that I have it so much better than most. I know this.
And posting here on my blog now feels like stolen time from other responsibilities. There is too much to do. I should not be here, but fuck it, fuck it, fuck it…I will take the time to whine like a little bitch if I want to…dammit.

‘Unrequited’ 18x24” oil on panel
Go, sisters, go
Posted:Nov 8, 2017 10:23 am
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2017 8:54 am
11/8/18 - Huffpost Women

In January, Atlantic City Freeholder John Carman posted a meme to his Facebook page mocking the Women’s March.

“Will the women’s protest be over in time for them to cook dinner?” read the text, laid over an image of a woman in the kitchen.

That “women’s protest” stretched across the globe and became the largest single-day protest in U.S. history. And less than a year later, on Nov. 7, Carman would lose his seat to a woman who decided to run after protesting Carman’s comments.

Ashley Bennett, 32, showed up with dozens of other women constituents at a public meeting Carman held on Jan. 24, just days after he posted the sexist meme. Inspired by the Women’s March and what she saw as Carman’s “mocking and belittling people who are expressing their concerns about their community and the nation,” Bennett decided to run against him.

Though the seat is in a Republican district, Bennett bested Carman by 1,000 votes, out of 14,000 votes cast. Last month, Bennett told the AP that protests like the Women’s March “woke a lot of people up.”

Bennett wasn’t the only woman who won on Tuesday night after getting angry post-presidential election.

Kelly Fowler, a Virgina Beach, Va. resident, attended the Women’s March with her daughter Tessa Anne in January.

“I thought the march was gonna be for her,” Fowler said in a campaign ad. “I realized that it was for both of us and I didn’t feel alone anymore. So I knew I needed to do something. I need to be part of the legislative process.”

On Tuesday night, Fowler won a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. She unseated incumbent Ron Villanueva ― who had voted to make the anniversary of Roe v. Wade the “Day of Tears” in the state. ― and flipped the 21st district from Republican to Democrat.

Hala Ayala, who helped organize buses from her Virginia community to the Women’s March on Washington, also won a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates, becoming one of the first Latina women to serve in the House.

“Once I heard that the Women’s March was happening, I knew I wanted to be involved and to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with men and women,” Ayala told Elle in August. “We were just able to come together and kind of recalibrate ourselves, do what we needed to do to organize our thoughts and our energies and figure out the next steps. But we have to continue to take action. We have to make change. We can’t let that be the end of the road.”

On Tuesday night, Ayala unseated Rich Anderson, a 4-term Republican incumbent.
Organizations like She Should Run and Emily’s List have seen record numbers of women stepping up since November 2016. Many on Twitter noted the snowball effect that the presidential election and the Women’s March have had in driving women to run for office ― and win.
Posted:Oct 31, 2017 10:11 pm
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2017 8:57 am
Finally, a photo I can post of his face.

When you haven't had date-night in you go overboard with the makeup.

Speaking of date night.
The other night the little one was to spend the night at my mother's.
Luckily, we got down to business fairly quickly.
Thereafter followed one interruption after the other.
The least of which was a power outage from heavy winds.
I was running up and down the stairs (still wearing the sexy silky robe).
It was then that each of my kids decided to call.
Among other things.
And there it is. Back to the 'grab it when you can' sex life that happens when there are kids around.

I'm still so tired. Maybe after the art fair next weekend I will get some rest.
If not - there are definite voodoo curses headed...somewhere.

On another note -
definitely my blood.
I just heard her in her sleep...
'you are NOT winning. Sorry. I am winning.'
The other day someone told her she was beautiful and she responded: 'yes'
Our Turn
Posted:Oct 19, 2017 6:10 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2017 9:29 pm
First – I have not been responding to comments on the last few posts. I am reading them and appreciate them all. Thank you. I am just quiet right now. Between the constant bombardment of ugly news & the 20 hours of driving to pick up a little one…and baths, reading bedtime stories, etc… yeah.
I am tired and a bit on the blank side.

But last Saturday night…. I don’t have the energy to write about it – suffice it to say that was delicious and much needed.

And on that note – latest completed painting: ‘Our Turn’, 20x30” oil on panel
Times they are a-changing
Posted:Oct 12, 2017 10:09 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2017 10:24 am
So, things will be changing around here for awhile.
Not sure if it will be a few months, or longer.
Having a 5-year-old in the house will do that.
While I hate why it is necessary, I do adore that little girl and will enjoy our time together.
(What time I manage to wrest from my mother, that is. With all her plans to do most of the work, all I can think is ‘where the hell was she when I was raising my 3)?

Yeah. Not so kinky.

But….Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with a child around again….
Nothing but joy in that.
The halls will ring with cries of ‘GrandGoddess! GrandGoddess & Thor!’
Not a thing weird about that, at all.

In the meantime, we have Saturday night.
And I am making plans.
There is something about unlimited time that has made us a bit…perhaps lazy is the word? In terms of planning/romping/sceneing/playing….whatever you want to call it.
Of course, that’s not it really. Time is certainly limited with his career. And yet, we know we are together and alone if we want to be each weekend. (not that that has done us much good lately as he has had to work through weekends as well). Now, there will be a child around. Plans will need to be made. There will be more of a push to keep those plans and not put it off until later…because time will be more limited. Because arrangements will have to be made. I remember what that was like – it wasn’t that long ago after all. And there is…something. Something about it. You of course complain at having to make arrangements and being limited…but still…there is something about it that makes you appreciate the alone time even more. Pushes you to make the most of it. Perhaps causes a bit more urgency.

*spin cycle*…..spinning it as best I can ….

Just completed painting ‘Languid’ 12x14”…and already sold. Thank you, kind collector. I vow to paint plenty more pretty ones (even though I just want to paint sociopolitical ones), because…well, .....because you keep buying them from me.
Except, really.....
Posted:Oct 6, 2017 10:50 pm
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2017 8:59 am
'Except, really, when had men not been mystified by women? They were the magic that men dreamed of, and sometimes their dreams were nightmares.'

-Sleeping Beauties
by Stephen & Owen King


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