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Lofty words from a tree house.

Adrift in the ocean.

"Yoghurt" religion or pseudo science!
Posted:Nov 1, 2017 10:16 pm
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2017 2:41 pm
In this time of transformation the wise shall arise from all kinds of places and they will be comfortable within themselves. They will smile at the ramblings of a fools tongue ! After the fall of the Worlds monetary systems and communism the "Yoghurts"vowed that a new World order was necessary. A new philosophy was needed to explain impossible things. It involved a reversal of the ordinarily observed path of creation and existence and would form the basis of the new religion. First the subjects (prospective Yoghurts) were to undergo a detoxification period of mind and body to achieve the desired state of "anonymous" for want of a better word. These "anonymous" will come up with all kinds of theories to explain stuff to the "lay" minded, such as disproving known observable facts by simply pointing out their shaky origins. For example as it is not possible to fix a position for the beginning of time and space that they can only exist in a perpetual loop (time within time etc) where by means of the laws of proportionality about the left and right hand terms of the equations always being equal. A fact that the "Yoghurts" attest to be the very centre of their agnostic view. They state plainly that as the truth is what little remains after all untruths have been eliminated and that also by way of reversal of this theorem that the truth can also be used as the starting point for every possible theory conceived for its existence whether true or not. Hence the basis for the new religion which is now a pool of knowledge that can be speculated on with the view that no solid theory is ever established as absolute fact! Leading ultimately to piece of mind ! Minds that can never be proved to exist apart from their own observable existence!

Grey walls continued.
Posted:Oct 11, 2017 12:46 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2017 12:25 am
I asked her what boarding school was like and she said it was boring and she was always getting into trouble and facing disciplinary measures that were dealt out by the matron who was a lesbian and enjoyed her craft very much and having the girls bend over the desk in her office and administering the cane to their young asses. I sensed she was just playing me to impress her friend who giggled and said no it was true and had even happened today. I tried vainly to suppress any emotion but a parasite had crawled up my nose and made my eyes water. I told her to look me up if she was over my way and handed her my card and told her I had some friends who may be able to use her. The pay was okay and the work interesting so we said our goodbyes and I watched her walk back to the bus. She was a skinny girl and I admired her ratty little ass and detected some slight awkwardness in her stride and imagined her little rump being caned. Then thinking no more of it a couple of months later I was surprised to open my door and see her standing there. I settled her into the guest house and arranged for her to meet with my friends about a job. I was sure they would be impressed by her quick witt and intelligence and her ability to stand her ground. But that was more than two years ago now, I told her to back up to the bars and I loosened the straps on the jacket for her and retreated back to my room. Later on in the morning I heard some commotion there as she attempted to get out pulling a ruse on a staff member who thought she was secured and incapacitated only to slip out of the jacket and make a rush to get outside but failed and doubled back to the common room and created havoc with everyone defying capture with her nimble frame. It was then that one of the staff decided to alert Pan the supervisor crashing into her office and informing her of the riot in progress. She switched on the monitor to view the commotion and told him to get back out there and grab her and tie her up in the room they called the vault. It had a large wooden door that was secured by a metal bolt .Then she got on her cell phone and told Gabe she had a tasty little job waiting for him in the vault and he should do his stuff on her the way he knew best and he got onto it immediately locking the door properly behind himself. Pan had switched her screen to the camera in that room and prepared to be entertained. She loved the way Gabe worked. Without any ado he grabbed her roughly and put the ropes on her. Then she felt his big groping warm hands on her back massaging her as he told her she had broken the rules and now she had to be punished for it. Pan enjoyed the show from her office locking the door so as not to be interrupted and playing with her cock as she watched. The girl struggled a bit against the bindings a pain taking hold in her solar plexus like a knitting needle sharpened at both ends was stuck in there. She did not dare to move and just let him have his way with her beating her ass bright red with the whip. Pan got so aroused she decided to go home early to her playmate and after a little fore play she decided to fuck her ass but her mate resisted he attempts till she took control of things grabbing her forcefully by the balls as she drilled her bone hard cock straight up her partners ass and hard fucked her for what seemed like an eternity before finally cumming up there with deep satisfying thrusts. Amen

Grey walls again!
Posted:Oct 10, 2017 9:18 pm
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2017 11:17 pm
Slowly resurfacing again I found myself in a grove of rich green trees. They bore green fruit that looked like avocados. It looked like heaven then suddenly the foliage parted in front of me to reveal a girl with horns. She was beautiful as well as symbolic for surely she had no use for them. Then she was gone again. I became aware of the greyness around me. This place was bleak and did not foster hope. Then I recalled the strange events of the previous day.I had made contact with the girl . She instantly recognized me and exclaimed "oh it's you", and then it was my turn to place her to the first time we met. I remembered it vividly,I was sitting on a bench in the street concentrating on sorting the manilla folders containing my work for easy access when she had approached me with her friend in tow. I was lighting a cigarette when she announced her presence by asking me for one. I looked at her appraising her age asking her if she was old enough to smoke. She said sure she was old enough to smoke and fuck and asked me what I was working on. Then I noticed her silent friend grinning as if sharing the joke. She wore a cotton school uniform like the girls down the street waiting for the bus and I guessed she must be from the Catholic school just down the road, but the girl now lighting the cigarette which I gave her was dressed differently and when I inquired about this she said she went to a different school. Actually the boarding house that her foster parents paid for. She asked me if I lived near by and I said no I'm from out of town just here for the conference . She said she hated this place and was getting out soon. Maybe to the West coast to look for new opportunities. I told her about my place in Malibu And told her the coast was the place to be as the industrial heart of America was dead compared to LA's night life.
Posted:Oct 9, 2017 10:31 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2017 1:18 am
started much like any other day. My dream was just about to reach it's conclusion. Loaded camels were approaching the eye of the needle in the desert then I was suddenly aware of some commotion happening in another dimension. I recognized tempo and contrast to this affront of the senses and knew right away what it was. A new type of therapy was being trialled that involved inspiring misfits to dance. I was skeptical about it as usual. Then I remembered that I also saw a girl in my dreams, she had made psychic contact with me asking for help. She was close by and new here. She was struggling on the floor and I could see her laced white panties as she attempted to right herself. Then I remembered that I'd seen her a long time ago under very different circumstances. I would see what I could do for her later. I was making good progress with my plans here. Already I had found a way to defeat the locks with the tool I made and could readily get about a bit undetected at night. Once there was a scuffle and a five dollar note slipped out of a pocket that I quickly snatched up too. Later that night I managed to write a small letter and with the use of my key I got into the supervisors office that sat conveniently above the street and opened the barred window a little and lowered the note with the money attached on a line I had made with the request that it be posted and hoped someone passing would notice it and perform the request.. Soon my prayers were answered and I heard voices down there and a tug on the line. I pulled it up and found a slightly eaten Violet crumble bar tied on the end of it. This was very welcome as I was not allowed to have such things here.Now it was a waiting game. I was good at waiting!

Smoke hung in the air and what was that aweful smell?
Posted:Oct 8, 2017 11:11 am
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2017 9:45 pm
The crimson dawn broke with the sight and sounds of apes stirring. This new land steamed like a fresh pile of ape shit and the plants genetic code still held the memory of the dinosaurs. A squared stone stood proud and out of place, it's purpose undefined. The visitors had left and on their way out they briefly stopped to leave another marker planted firm in the lunar dust. Much later in time it would be found by people who had begun to master the technical age. They marvelled at who could have left this tomb like marker unadorned by any inscription in this lonely place. What was it's purpose? Then when one of the astronauts touched it it began to light up. It was a touch screen that they found would transfer images as one swept their hand across it. Cities could be seen that defied gravity and the atmosphere was clear. They revealed much about their planet and extended a greeting on the last page with an outstretched alien hand and a kind of star map of where to find them.

Posted:Oct 6, 2017 3:59 am
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2017 5:35 pm

Opening a path to new dimensions.
Posted:Oct 5, 2017 11:56 am
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2017 3:23 pm
Form and shape were the language in this strange and new place. Things that I'd never dreamed of resided here. Angels loomed large like nebulas spanning space. All I could do was look in awe at the unfolding splendour in front of me. Now I understood something of the process of creation. That geometric patterns and design were in fact the melding of different dimensions to perform the Quantum nature of all that abounded us. I was suddenly confronted by the paradox that I had sought to understand for so long. Something had cast a logical spin and given momentum to the elements we generally referred to as fabric to force them to bind into conclusions that were practical in their manner and being of strong forms to hold and resist the opposing forces. The strings although erosive were still captured by the power of inter dimensional geometry and allowed by some intangible logic to form a space where minds could speak. Their mutterings were the vibrations that resonated with the ripples in time. Time really was king here demanding it's rightful place in it's conciliatory role amongst the vying shifts in dimension. Thus I also came to the startling conclusion that time was the only thing that stopped these other dimensions from consuming each other that could only result in a rift of mega proportions being created that would instantly de-polarise all matter that ever existed. I suddenly shuddered at the thought, lighting a cigarette to calm my nerves as I reclined back in my chair and wondered what that would look like.

Meditation as a free fall.
Posted:Oct 4, 2017 10:05 am
Last Updated:Oct 5, 2017 12:56 am
Once you have mastered the art of mind stilling by the use of meditation you will be ready for the next step. This involves creating and revisiting useful mindscapes that you find peaceful and exhilarating. You have to trust me on this one if you have not already experienced it. The logic behind it's power is that whether something is real or imagined it is still captured by time to exist as a residual in the memory so even something imagined and regularly revisited will gain a strength and reality to it over time. This is your fantasy Island! Our bodies can be whatever we want in this imagined place and we can physically extend ourselves in pursuits that in reality would be impractical , or too bloody dangerous to do. Recreating a situation in your mind requires mastery and it is similar to how you see things in your mind whilst reading a book but taken to the next level as by meditating beforehand you experience an altered realistic state . Being in a place of beauty, your body young and strong as you survey the scene in front of you and instantly your adrenaline flows through you like a tide. You feel the strength running though your core and know you are up to the challenge ahead. You reach behind your back for the bag of chalk, your hands slightly clammy as you acknowledge your fear. The warm Spring air feels good on your sun browned body as you reach for the first hold in the rock. The imposing cliff face towers above you. You feel the strength in your arms responding to the challenge. Now climb up!

Peace, peace and meaningful peace.
Posted:Oct 3, 2017 5:29 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2017 5:44 pm
The intricate multiplicate symbol of gravities rainbow. Album: STARCIRCUS> by Tajmahal song: The secret (feat.Phytosphie) .

The gifted child sort out the root of their frustration.
Posted:Oct 2, 2017 5:37 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2017 7:47 pm
A gift was lost and souls seemed unnourished and the technical age promised much but did not quench their thirst. The parents were fools inadequate to the task. They held their tongues in awe of their prodigal sprouting. First of all the child noticed that epochs are eras that existed and that spirits were born in each for that purpose. They were in effect reincarnations from distant times when people lived closer to the source. Something had sprouted in the desert long ago and knowledge of it still existed in peoples minds though it escaped their grasp. The first clue was in the hieratic script. Although its forms were of Earth objects the application had sprung from another source distant to this planet. As if they had become ship wrecked in a foreign place without tools they still had enormous self esteem and belief. They were at one with the universe. The symbols they used upon the rock had an artistic majestic simplicity to them not unlike the symbols observed on the craft seen in recent times. Also that the reading of the ancient scripts were a psychic link that could be established to the authors and what majestic mindscapes were invoked by doing so and that this link was vital for the people of present time to have to help their transition into the spiritual epoch that is now upon us. You see the re-incarnates conspicuous at the beginning of each necessary step to bring about progression. From the pre-diluvian metal workers to social reformists they all strode to perform their purpose. But now at the request of the creator the new plans graced the drawing room boards and the workshop was systematically laid out. Idols would be deposed as a new awareness sweeps across the globe.


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